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Julie Kirkham returns to the TTA fold

TTA is delighted to announce that DSA Instructor, Julie Ann Kirkham, has returned to TTA after a years compassionate leave. Julie Ann has vast experience in logistics and training; having worked as a Class One driver, in a wide variety of jobs. Julie is a very well-respected and valued instructor on both the driving school (all licences) and Driver CPC, and all the staff at TTA are absolutely thrilled that she is once again back working with us.

So how does it feel to be back, and how is she settling back in? Here’s what Julie had to say:

Why did you leave TTA?

“I took some time away from TTA following a family bereavement in 2017.  Instructing people to drive LGVs requires all of my concentration, attention and focus.  I needed to be able to completely dedicate myself to both the customers and the driving school, to ensure that the quality of training, we pride ourselves on here at TTA, is maintained. I knew that, by returning after only a short break away, it wouldn’t be the right thing to, as if I wasn’t able to be fully focused on the job, I wouldn’t be able to do my work justice.”

Did you do any other work during your absence?

“Taking a break from employment comes with obvious financial implications, so I returned to commercial class one driving for a while, whilst this job also requires my attention and focus, it is free from the immense responsibility and commitment of training others.  Just myself, beautiful scenery and the radio!  It has been good to reconnect with the industry that led me into training in the first place and it was lovely coming across past learners from TTA out and about, driving their trucks!  Lots of catch ups over cups of tea!”

When did you start working at TTA again?

“David [Coupe] and Rachael [Scanlin-Davis] had always kept in touch with me during my time away, having stressed to me, that my job here at TTA was waiting for me, when I was feeling ready to return. I am very thankful for their continued support and understanding.  I did miss the job, and I particularly missed working with the team, so I returned to TTA in late January!”

How are you settling back into work?

“When I walked back in through the TTA doors, it was like I’d never been away. It felt as if I had left on the Friday and walked back in Monday morning, after a weekend off. I literally picked up where I left off. There are some fantastic new additions to the driving school fleet, but apart from that, everything is as it was, or better!  The job is just as rewarding as ever and there are new qualifications ahead for me to study towards and TTA have a couple of exciting challenges for me to work towards, so I have hit the ground running.

I have returned to TTA Monday to Thursday only, as I am a Grandma now, with more grandchildren on the way, so Fridays are my Granny day and I couldn’t be happier”

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