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TTA FLT Instructor, Becky Splaine, flies solo for the first time

TTA, one of the North West’s leading logistics training organisations, likes to celebrate success. So we’re delighted to bring you another success story. This time the success story revolves around Becky Splaine: one of newest FLT instructors. Becky joined TTA as an FLT Instructor and teaching assistant at the end of March, and this week delivered her first solo training sessions at one of our commercial customers, Blue Insignia. Since joining the team Becky has revelled in her role, so it came as no surprise to us that she breezed through her first solo session without a problem. All the staff at TTA would like to congratulate Becky on her latest achievement, and we know that we will no doubt be bringing you more good news on that front in the months to come.

So what did Becky do, and how did her first solo training session go? Here’s what TTA’s Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality, Lee Stewart, thought:

“Becky delivered her first commercial FLT training course without any problems at all.  We thought she was more than ready to take on the challenge, and we were confident she would do a great job for TTA. I went to the company with Becky, but soon she realised she was supremely confident in what she was doing, so I left her to it in the company of 4 men and let her get on with it.”

How did Becky find the experience?

“I was looking forward to carrying out my first solo training session. Obviously I was a little bit nervous going there, but I knew my training would stand me in good stead. It helped that Lee came with me, but I would probably have been alright anyway. The guys I was training on the forklift trucks were lovely. We did what we had to do and had a laugh in the process, and I’m happy to say they all passed. We haven’t got the reviews back yet on the training from the clients, but I think it went very well.”

How did you find your first solo training session?

“It was brilliant, and I loved every minute of it. I know I said I was nervous before, but I’m not really sure I was. I think I was just overly keen and really eager to get on with it.”

Was your first solo training session everything you expected it to be, or were you surprised by anything?

“Well, I thought it was going to be a lot harder, doing the session on my own, but in the end it was fine and I got through it without a problem. I’m pretty confident when I deliver my next FLT training course everything will go well.”

Since we last spoke have you started or completed any other training programmes?

“I already work as a warehousing and storage teaching/ classroom assistant, but as I mentioned to you last time we spoke, I was keen to get further qualifications. So I’ve now started my assessor’s training qualification, and hope to complete my CAVA, formerly TAQA, qualification soon. I’m putting together my portfolio, and once that has been signed off by Mike Sodano and internally verified by Lee Stewart, I hope to get my assessors qualification so I can teach warehousing and storage to level 2 as well as the FLT training.”

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