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A day in the life of TTA Employment Engagement Co-ordinator, Lauren Scanlin

Have you ever wondered what a career Employer Engagement Coordination does? Do you know what a logistics employment engagement coordinator does, or how they spend their days? Well, one person who does and is in the best position to answer those questions is Transport Training Academy’s, Lauren Scanlin. Lauren joined TTA recently as our Employer Engagement Co-ordinator and has revelled in the role since. Here she explains what the role entails and what she does in a typical day at Transport Training Academy.

When did you start working at Transport Training Academy and what did you do previously?

“I started a few months ago as an Employment Engagement Co-ordinator. Before that I worked for a company who were training brokers for the Construction Industry. They had DWP contracts and our role was to quote for the training nationally.”

Did your previous role deal with logistics, or is this a new challenge for you?

“I dealt mainly with construction and plant, so I wasn’t really involved in the logistics side of things, though I did a little bit here and there. My main role, however, was based around plant operations.”

So what prompted the move into logistics?

“It was all to do with the contract TTA is now running for learndirect. They needed someone with experience in the training sector, as they need to deliver 70 per cent of the training in a priority sector: one of those priority sectors being construction. Given my experience and the nature of the role, TTA thought I was the right candidate for the job.”

What does the role of Employer Engagement Co-ordinator involve on a day-to-day basis?

“I contact employers and explain to them that we have some funding available for people in the workforce. I then arrange to go out and see them and describe which courses we have on offer. If there are any courses or training they think their employees may benefit from, it’s my job to sign them up. I’m then required to do an IAG – an information, advice and guidance assessment – for each employee. I’ll complete the relevant paperwork once the assessment’s completed and then organise the start dates.”

Once employees start their training is that the end of your role, or do you continue to work with them throughout their course?

“It all depends on the length of the course they’re on, but basically my role is to follow up on their progress all the way through their training course. If they’re on a 3 or 4-month course, I’ll keep in contact with each employee throughout their training.”

“I then do an exit review with each employer once their training’s completed. I go out to see the learner and find out how their training went and whether they are interested in doing any other training to increase their skills and knowledge. If we run a suitable course I’ll sign them up for it: if they find a course that TTA isn’t able to provide, it’s also my role to find a company for them that can provide that particular training course.”  

How have you enjoyed your time at TTA so far?

“I love it – really love it. It’s so different than my last job where I was purely office-based and had no reason to ever get out. At TTA I get out and about all the time. One day I’m in Lancaster, the next day I’m in Atherton; another day I might be based in Burnley. I work in all sorts of different places and that makes the job interesting as I get to meet lots of new people.”

Have the team been welcoming and helpful?

“They’ve all been great. They’ve given me lots of support. I’m working on a big contract so needed help to find my feet. It’s great to know that if I come across a process I’m unsure about or have any questions I need answers to, it’s reassuring to know I can always get help and support from my manager. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, and am glad I made the move.”  

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