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Happy birthday to you: happy birthday to you

If there’s one thing we like doing at Transport Training Academy, it’s celebrating success and achievement in the logistics and training sectors. Sometimes though, success comes in different forms and lies a little closer to home. One of things we like to do at TTA is celebrate birthdays. After all, getting older and putting another mile on the clock is a milestone too. We all celebrate birthdays individually, but our thinking is that we should celebrate them together. We think a collective team celebration makes the day even more special. June has been a great month for birthdays. We’ve celebrated 3 in total this month-  one of which was a biggie. So congratulations and many happy returns Lee Stewart, Teresa Bates and Georgia Keane. We hope we made your day special. Here’s what the birthday girls and boy thought of the experience.

Lee Stewart: Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality

You had a memorable birthday recently, how did the staff at TTA help you celebrate?

“Yes I was 50 recently, though I’m firmly of the belief that 50 is the new 40 as far as I’m concerned. My birthday was on Monday 13th June, so I spent the morning here but had the afternoon off. Because I reached that particular mile stone, things have been quite eventful. I went out on the Saturday before my birthday with the family, then my daughters took me out on the night of my birthday, then I had a work’s do the following weekend which was great.”

Is it true that TTA makes a big thing about birthdays and everyone contributes to a collection?

“Yes that’s right we all chip £5 in when it’s someone’s birthday, and give them the money when we celebrate their birthdays at the morning meetings. For milestone birthdays we tend to go town. So when I came in on the morning of my birthday there were posters, balloons and lots of cards. I was really touched by it all.”

What did you do with your birthday kitty?

“Yes I have, I spent it on the morning of the work’s do and bought some new clothes for the evening. That’s not something I normally do, but my wife encouraged me. So I splashed out and treated myself to a decent pair of jeans and a shirt for the evening.”  

Teresa Bates: Trainee Assessor

How were the birthday celebrations?

My birthday was last Friday, though I have to say it wasn’t a biggie like Lee’s. So I wasn’t subjected to embarrassing posters of me being displayed. I was away on my actual birthday in Wales for the weekend. We did have a bit of a celebration do the day before though which was lovely. The nice thing about working here is that it’s a very family-oriented company and we like to celebrate each other’s successes and milestones.”

Have you spent your birthday collection yet, or are you holding on to it?

“I had intended to use the lovely collection money to buy myself something nice while I was away, but I didn’t see anything I wanted. So I’ll probably treat myself this weekend coming.”

Georgia Keane: Business Support Co-ordinator

How did the team celebrate your birthday yesterday?

“I’m new to the team at TTA and I was really surprised when I found out how they celebrated birthdays. I’ve never that that happen to me before in the places I’ve worked. When I came into work yesterday there were balloons around the place and cake on the table. I have to say it made me really welcome and very special.”

What did the team get you for your birthday?

“They bought me some lovely Clinique cream, and I’ll put the rest of the collection money towards a new frock when I next go out shopping.”

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