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A day in the life of a Logistics Instructor, Stuart Ogilvie

In the latest of our looks behind the scenes at Transport Training Academy, TTA is pleased to introduce you to one of our Associate Instructor, Stuart Ogilvie. Stuart joined the TTA team as an associate in 2015 as a Logistics Instructor, after many years’ service in logistics. Stuart’s role at Transport Training Academy is training learners and preparing them for a life in the logistics industry. As part of this training, Stuart, along with all our instructors, endeavours to support, embed and promote equality and diversity and safeguarding. But what does he get up to each day? What are the biggest challenges he faces and what gives him the greatest satisfaction? Here’s what Stuart had to say.

What your background in logistics and how long have you been working at Transport Training Academy?

“I came into TTA after many years working in the logistics sector. I spent 12 year in the armed forces, serving in the Royal Engineers. I then spent the next 20 years in management roles. Eleven years ago I became an owner driver and ran a small fleet of vehicles doing multi-drops. I came to TTA after I decided I no longer wanted to run my own business. I’ve been an associate here for the last 3 months, working as a forklift truck, HIAB and Driver CPC Instructor.”

What’s a typical day like for an Instructor?

“I’m not sure there is such a thing as a typical day. That’s the beauty of working here: every day is different. Yet there are still certain things that you need to do every day. You come in early and prepare for the working day with your learners, you get all your class work ready for the day and ensure that all the forklift trucks are ready to go and functioning properly. Then the learners arrive. After that the day carries on, but no two days are ever alike.”

What makes the training job so appealing?

“Well it’s the variety of the work I suppose. I find the work interesting because of my background, Because of that I find the days go quickly. If you enjoy doing what you’re doing, time flies by. The other thing that appeals to me is that every day is different. The learners change all the time, so you get to see new faces.

“My job is to make sure that every learner gets something out the course. Unfortunately sometimes learners fail the course, but my job is to make sure they get something out of the course none the less. You can’t drive the forklift truck for them, but you can ensure that they still take something from the training. Because of that the job can be challenging, but that just makes its appeal even stronger for me.”

Are you enjoying your time at Transport Training Academy, and are you finding the work rewarding?

“Yes I have really enjoyed it. I enjoy the work and really enjoy working with the rest of the team. Since joining TTA things have definitely changed for me. In the latter years of my parcel company business stresses and strains carried on building because of the financial crisis. To keep afloat you had to work longer hours and take on more and more responsibility. It got to the stage where I was really looking forward to Friday, and the end of the working week.”

“All that has changed since I joined Transport Training Academy. I still enjoy the weekends obviously, but I don’t feel any of the pressure I felt when I ran my own business. The reason for this is that I don’t see what I’m doing at TTA as work: I see it as a pleasure. I enjoy teaching people and I enjoy imparting knowledge. I find my work as an Instructor rewarding. I no longer get up dreading the day: I get up looking forward to it. There’s not many people who can say that about their work.”

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