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A Typical Day At The Office With TTA Assessor, Mike Sodano.

Ever wondered what a TTA Assessor does during a typical day?

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at one of the busiest logistics training organisations in the North West? Well, here’s your chance to find out. Mike Sodano is one of TTA’s more recent Assessors/Trainers, having joined the company in 2014.

Here’s what he had to say about life at Transport Training Academy.

What was your background prior to joining TTA in 2014?

“I spent a fair amount of time in the automotive industry and I’ve run my own business too, but I’ve gained most of my 25 years’ working experience in logistics. I worked as a national adviser for a large company and was responsible for all the training at over 22 depots dealing with NVQs and the health and safety training. All those various experiences gave me the necessary skills and knowledge needed for working at Transport Training Academy.”

What sort of thing do you do in a typical day at the office?

“I tend to arrive around seven thirty/ quarter to eight, and then prepare my unit lessons for the day. That preparation includes presentations and everything else I’ll be doing that day. We’ll then have a brief team meeting to discuss what we’re going to be doing during the day, and then I’ll start teaching.

What’s a typical training session like?

If I’m doing say, ‘Working Relations’ as a unit, I’ll get the presentation ready along with any handouts and the portfolios for the candidates. When the candidates arrive we’ll have a chat about what we’re doing in the unit that day, and then I’ll put the unit up on screen. We’ll follow the training with a question and answer session about the topics that have come up. The good thing is that during these sessions learners are able to share their own experiences, and I know group members find this useful. We then round off the session with underpinning knowledge questions to complete the portfolios. ”

How have you enjoyed your experience at TTA so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed myself here. It’s a place where you feel appreciated. What’s been refreshing is that the experience I’ve built up over the years is always listened too and taken into account. Unlike other places you’re encouraged to bring fresh ideas to the table and that’s something each member of the team appreciates. Although our basic learning plans are structured over a 4 week period, I’m able to bring my own ideas and use my own experience to enhance the learning process. That’s something I appreciate, and I’m pretty sure it’s something our learners also appreciates as it makes the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.”

Has it been a good experience to be working as part of a team again?

“Oh, absolutely. It’s been a real pleasure, especially with this team here. The team gels really well together and we spark off each other. We have a team meeting– a ‘group huddle’ at 8.30 every morning. At these we’ll go through various topics and discuss what’s gone on and what’s going on. Everybody gets the opportunity to have their say and to put forward any ideas they might have for enhancing the learning process.”

“It works well and helps us strive as a team towards improving the learning process. The team are always open to new ideas, right from the director downwards. The manager who runs the education side of the system, Lee Stewart, has absolutely superb man-management skills.”

“If there’s one word I’d use to describe the system here at TTA it’s ‘harmony’. We all get along really well and we work well together as a team. In all my years in corporate business in logistics I’ve have to say I’ve never come across a system that works as well. Seriously, I’m not just saying that: the working relationships in the team are the best I’ve ever come across.”

“This great team work also rubs off on the candidates, whether they’re commercial or pre-employment candidates. They buy into the idea of teamwork and embrace it too. So what that means at the end of the day is that not only do they go away with a qualification: they also go away from TTA with a smile on their face. We’re proud of that, and believe it shows that what we do here at TTA works.”

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