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Driver Training: What Makes a Great Trainer?

Team TTA know that the key to ‘success’ in the Logistics Industry is training.

They understand that professional training doesn’t just benefit the individual and make them better employees: it also benefits Industry in general. Well-trained workers carry out their roles more safely, more responsibly and more efficiently, and that professionalism improves the positive image of Industry.

Over the years we’ve had great success training the next generation of workers and developing younger workers so that they can fulfil their potential. We’ve managed to achieve such great results because we only employ the best trainers; that is, trainers who are not only knowledgeable and highly experienced, but also passionate and enthusiastic about their role, and have the unique ability to be able to pass on this passion and enthusiasm to their candidates.

Take Steve Walsh, for example, one of most knowledgeable and committed DSA driving instructors.

In the course of just one week Steve managed to get six first time passes and one second time pass on our LGV Driving School. How did he manage to get so many candidates to pass this arduous and demanding examination at the first attempt? Well, in the view of Rachael Scanlin, TTA’s Commercial Business and Development Director, it’s because he has an uncanny ability for passing on his vast knowledge of the industry to his candidates and getting the best out of people:

“Steve is one of our LGV trainer and trains people to drive vehicles safely and efficiently. Steve has spent over 30 years driving Lorries both in the UK and on the Continent, so knows the Industry inside out. The simple reason why Steve is such a successful LGV Trainer is because he cares about the Industry, and understands the challenges it faces. He appreciates that unless we are able to recruit and train the next generation drivers the Industry will continue to be under threat. He’s passionate and enthusiastic about the industry and has the unique ability of being able to pass on this passion to his candidates.”

Steve isn’t the only great trainer here at TTA. We have lots, and all of them are totally focused and eager to share their knowledge and passion with candidates. They will not only provide the very best training, but will also offer support, advice, motivation and guidance through each stage of the learning journey in order to help each candidate reach their goals. It won’t all be plain sailing as candidates will inevitably faces challenges and obstacles along the way, but with TTA’s help candidates will be able to overcome those challenges.

Transport Training Academy offers a comprehensive range of driving courses, not just for individuals wishing to enter into the industry as a new career but also for companies wanting to enhance and develop their most valuable asset – their drivers: from ITSSAR Fork Lift Truck and Warehouse Training, LGV Licence upgrades (B+E, C1, D1, C1+E, C and C+E) and JAUPT accredited Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC), to Driver Development programmes, Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving courses and ADR (Hazchem). We also offer managerial courses including DSA LGV Instructor and Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) courses.

All our courses are designed with a defined structure with clear learning aims and outcomes to ensure that our candidates have an enjoyable experience in their personal development. What’s more, all of our courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements of all our customers and we will work with you to devise the most effective and efficient way of delivering the training. TTA tailors training to an individual’s needs, and will offer hours to suit, weekend and evening courses as well as various payment options. All training is conducted using industry specific full size equipment. This will give you the experience and confidence that you will need to operator safely and efficiently in a real working environment. Our Training Centre has even been designed with you in mind to ensure that we provide the best environment for your training. Our onsite manoeuvring area for LGV training is an exact replica of the DSA test requirements, we have state of the art training rooms and Fork Lift Truck facilities which simulates a real working warehouse environment.

For further information about our extensive list of logistics training courses, call TTA’s expert training team on 0845 056 0561.

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