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TTA is delighted to announce that it will once again be proudly supporting this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning. Our event will be held slightly early this year for technical scheduling reasons, however, we know that the morning will none the less be fully supported by everyone – staff and students – at Transport Training Academy. If you fancy popping down and joining us for a brew, a cake and a chat from 9.00am on Wednesday, 26th September at our Atherton training headquarters, then please feel free to do so: you’ll be more than welcome.

Why does TTA feel so passionate about cancer care and the wonderful work that Macmillan nurses do? Well, it’s simple really: we care, and we want to do whatever we can to help. Every little helps: and if we all give a little, then together we can make a huge difference.

Cancer affects millions of people each year in the UK. In England alone, 830 new cancer cases are diagnosed every day, and unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the medical profession, that number is only set to rise as the population ages. It’s estimated that by 2030, approximately 4 million people will be diagnosed with cancer. We all know someone whose life has been affected by cancer. It’s a disease which will unfortunately touch most of us or our families at some time in our lives. We probably seen the damage this ruthless disease can do and have probably had to live with the devastating consequences following the diagnosis of a loved one.

Although the NHS tries its best to look after and care for the people affected by cancer, it simply doesn’t have the resources to be able to provide the sort of palliative care that people suffering from cancer most need. Most end-of-life care is instead provided by the hospice movement and Macmillan Cancer Support. Sadly, only 20 per cent of the funds needed to support hospice care are provided by the government: the rest is provided by charitable donations from us, the public.

Without our help these organisations would not be able to continue to provide the individual, personalised whole life care – health, money, family, job and ultimately end-of-life care that is so desperately needed. That’s why we want to play our part. With your help last year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning raised an astonishing £27 million. Let’s hope that we can top that figure this year and help to provide Macmillan with the funds it needs to care for us and our relatives.

TTA’s own Coffee Morning will start at 9.00am on Wednesday, 26th  September, and will be supported by members of TTA’s staff and students from our training courses. We also hope that residents living in the Atherton area will also be able to pop in and join us. What are we planning on offering? Well, there’ll be a selection of homemade and shop-bought cakes, cookies, scones, rock buns, Nutella fudge brownies, apple pie and other delicacies on offer along with lashings of tea and coffee. At the end of the event we hope to auction off any produce left over to local school children on their way home after classes have ended. We’re hopeful that our event will raise a good amount of money for this worthiest of causes.

How can you help? Well, if you live in the local vicinity you can, of course, pop in and join us. If you can’t then you can make a donation. Further details and more information about this wonderful charity can be found at Whatever you do, or however you choose to help, we know your efforts will be greatly appreciated.


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