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Course Information Emergency First Aid Training at Work

If you employ more than 5 people full time then the HSE require you to have at least one first aider on site all the time. It is also advisable that you have a member of staff trained in emergency first aid at work who are there to assist the full first aider and deal with minor injuries, complete accident documents and check first aid kits, although they cannot be used instead of first aiders for the purpose of a risk assessment.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of our emergency first aid training is to ensure that you have people at work that can deal with any person that may fall ill or suffer an injury. This is irrelevant as to whether the injury or illness is caused by work, it is important that the person receives immediate attention. Emergency First Aid training at Work covers the arrangements that need to be made to ensure that this happens.

Content and Course Design

  • Tasks of the appointed person
  • The priorities of First Aid Practice
  • What is First Aid
  • What to do in an emergency situation
  • The recovery position
  • Examining an unconscious casualty
  • Artificial Ventilation
  • CPR Techniques
  • Assessment and treatment of choking casualties
  • Duties of the appointed person
  • Communication and contents of the first aid box
  • Assessment and treatment of shock victims

Course Date

Dates for the Emergency First Aid training course are scheduled throughout the year or scheduled to suit the company’s requirements.

Delivery Method

Classroom 1:12 Instructor/Candidate Ratio

Course Duration

The Emergency First Aid training course is broken down into : 3 Days First Aid at Work, 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work, 2 Day Refresher Training.

All certification lasts 3 years (First Aid at Work Certificate must be renewed within 28 days of the expired certificate and Emergency First Aid at Work must renew with the 3 years of expiry

Course Location

Transport Training Academy, Atherton or Burnley or at customer’s premises. Call our course booking department for full details on 0845 056 0561

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