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Course Information Banksman Training Manchester

Manoeuvring and reversing vehicles on site is a major cause of workplace accidents and can lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Employing someone who has received Banksman training reduces the risk of potentially costly accidents and helps the employer comply with health and safety legislation. There must be a safe system of work that ensures the Banksman and driver are using standard signals, so that they are easily understood, and that the driver knows to stop the vehicle immediately if the Banksman disappears from view.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of our Banksman training is to ensure that the candidate who will have the responsibility of assisting in the manoeuvring, reversing and loading/unloading of vehicles is equipped with the correct techniques to perform Banksman duties in an effect, safe and legal manner. Which in turn will reduce accident rates for the employees, goods and property and ensure that the employer has met their duty of care.

Content and Course Design

  • Understanding the roles of the driver and the Banksman in reversing operations
  • The potential causes and resulting costs of accidents
  • Areas of danger for reversing vehicles on the site
  • Legal duties (Health & Safety at Work Act)
  • Action checklists
  • Vehicle manoeuvring activities
  • Using the HSE Guide Notes HSG136 standard code of signals
  • Physical measures and exclusion zones

Course Date

With our Banksman training course we try to suit the customer’s requirements.

Duration and timings

The Banksman training Manchester course takes place over the time period of one day.

Course Location

On our own Manchester/ Lancashire premises  or on the customer’s.

Delivery Method

Classroom and Practical 1:4 Instructor/candidate Ratio Call our course booking department for full details on 0845 056 0561.

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