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Quality Commitment


Transport Training Academy is committed to carrying out its work in accordance with good quality management principles and practices.

It is the objective of the company to:-

a.) Seek comments and feedback from all our customers and act upon it
b.) Seek continual improvement in quality and customer service and to continually develop the staff in line with the changing needs of our customers
c.) Work closely with our customers to identify their individual requirements and to deliver effective and timely solutions to meet their needs
d.) Raise and maintain the awareness of everyone in undertaking all our quality management practices on a cyclical on-going basis
e.) Follow policies and procedures for the observation and “self assessment” of our products and services
f.) Maintain a company wide “Quality Improvement Plan” in order to build on our strengths and address any areas for improvement.
g.) This policy is communicated to all company employees and reviewed annually or as and when required         


The Quality Policy of the Company is to determine, agree and conform to our Client’s needs and expectations, whilst fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and statutory law.

The Company recognises that to be competitive and maintain good economic performance, we must employ management systems that continually improve the quality of our products and increase the satisfaction of our clients and employees.

It is a key objective of the Company that the Quality Management System provides: –

  • Confidence of our Clients that their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved in the delivered product
  • Confidence of our management and staff that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that quality improvements take place
  • A framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives We are conscious that the motivation of our employees is dependent on their training and understanding of the tasks they are expected to perform.  It is part of our on-going training programme that this policy is communicated and understood at all levels in the Company.

This policy is display on the Company website and is therefore available to all interested parties.

For and on behalf of Transport Training Academy

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