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TTA providing residential and non-residential horsebox training courses

TTA is one of the mane training providers in the UK for instruction on towing horse trailers and horsebox training courses. Our horsebox training courses have been specifically developed using the valuable input and expertise from members of the local equine community. horses-courses

We offer both residential and non-residential horsebox training courses at both of our training centres located in the North West of England. At TTA we pride ourselves in providing a friendly and professional environment for you to undertake your training, which will be conducted by our fully qualified DSA registered instructors and our onsite manoeuvring area for LGV training is an exact replica of the DSA test requirements. Your training will be tailored to your needs and we can offer hours to suit, weekend and evening courses as well as various payment options.

We fully understand that your requirements are different and unique and therefore treat you as such.

We offer five different of disciplines with regards to horsebox training courses consisting of:

  • B+E Licence – to tow a single horsebox behind a normal car with a combined weight of no more than 3500kg when loaded.
  • C1 Licence – this will enable you to drive a purpose built horsebox between 3500kg and 7500kg in weight when fully loaded.
  • C Licence – this will allow to drive a purpose build horsebox that weighs more than 7500kg, whether loaded or unloaded.
  • If you gain your Cat C licence you will automatically be entitled to drive any of the licences mentioned above.
  • C1+E Licence – to tow a trailer of 750kg whilst driving a small rigid horsebox up to a combined weight fully loaded of 12000kg
  • C+E – this will entitle you to drive a rigid vehicle over 7500kg whilst towing a trailer over 750kg MAM.

If you are confused by the legal jargon and you are unsure what licence you need to transport your horse legally and safely please do not hesitate in calling our team for clarification and advice. So take the bit between your teeth and learn to drive with TTA so you can trot on………

Celebrate TTA's Latest success stories...

Colin Rowlands

Well Done to Colin Rowlands on passing his DSA Instructors Test 13/11/15 with #TTA

Dominic Hindle

Well done to Dominic Hindle on passing his Module 4 today 13/11/15 with #TTA

Connor Lowes

Well Done to Connor Lowes on passing his Module 4 13/11/5 at #TTA

George Lees

Well Done to George Lees on passing his B+E 12/11/15 with #TTA

Anthony Sanders

Well Done to Anthony Sanders on passing his Module 4 12/11/15 with #TTA
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