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TTA directors attend the first 2019 CILT Lancashire Group meeting

TTA directors, Rachael Scanlin-Davis and David Coupe were delighted to attend the first 2019 Lancashire Group meeting of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) earlier this week. CILT UK is a prestigious association operating in over 34 countries and is the recognised professional body representing the Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics Industries.

TTA is proud to be a member of this esteemed organisation, and doubly proud because this year the Group is being chaired by our own director, Rachael Scanlin-Davis. Also present at the first CILT Group Lancashire meeting were David Coupe from TTA, Simon Reynish from Fagan & Whalley Ltd. Mark Attwell from Matthew Kibble Transport Ltd, Neil Caldwell from CILT (UK), Nick Hughes from Lancashire County Council and Ross Hemsley. The aim of the Group is to promote the industry, and we will meet every couple of months to further that goal.  

The first 2019 Group meeting proved to be very positive and members came up with some fantastic ideas for future events. We talked about the future of the industry, trucks and fuel usage and whether those issues were something that members of the Lancashire Group of CILT would be interested in.

We also discussed our event programme for the next 12-month period. The steering group had earlier carried out a survey of members to find out what they wanted to see and know about and which issues they would like to discuss further. Using this information and feedback, the steering committee members have drafted a programme of logistics and travel-related events, which will include site tours and presentations – more details will follow later in the year.

CILT Lancashire are delighted to announce that our first group event will be held on the 28th March at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and will discuss issues relating to the Lancashire Strategic Transport Prospectus. At the event Robin Miller-Stott, Senior Strategy Officer at Transport for the North, will update CILT Lancashire members on the significant progress Transport for the North has made across its road, rail, and smart travel programmes.

Transport for the North (TfN) has set out an ambitious vision for the future of the North’s economy, unveiling proposals for northern infrastructure improvements over the next 30 years.  The Strategic Transport Plan and Investment Programme has the potential to support the rebalancing of decades of underinvestment and transform the lives of people across Lancashire and the wider North.  The STP and Investment Programme mark the first time the North’s civic and business leaders have spoken with one voice on behalf of the North’s 15 million people, laying out a new pipeline of transport interventions. 

Dave Colbert, Specialist Advisor Transport Planning at Lancashire County Council, will then address the meeting and outline how this new agenda is helping to shape the preparation of the next Local Transport Plan for Lancashire that will set out the county’s transport strategy and investment priorities for the next 25 years.

We hope that as many CILT Lancashire members will be able to attend the first of our Lancashire CILT events, as it promises to be a very interesting and informative meeting. Further details about the meeting will be posted on both the CILT and TTA websites soon.

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