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TTA attends Work Inspirations, 2018

TTA attends Work Inspirations, 2018, to promote future careers in the logistics industry

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for TTA. We’ve been on the road again in the North West taking our #Transform My Truck campaign to schools in Liverpool and Chorley. We’ve also attended a careers and networking event at Nelson & Colne College.

The event, Work Inspirations 2018, was held at the College on February 7th and was targeted at students keen to explore future work options. The objectives of the day were to give students insights into various industry sectors, help them better understand what skills, qualities and qualifications are needed to work in specific jobs in different sectors, and to give students an insight into Labour Market information and where different organisations sit within this framework.

TTA is passionate about logistics and totally committed to promoting and safeguarding the future of the industry, so we were naturally delighted to be given the opportunity to attend the event, and we’d like to thank Nelson & Colne College for the invitation.

So what did TTA get up on the day? Well, working in collaboration with colleagues from road haulage, distribution and warehousing firm, Fagan and Whalley and respected local bed and mattress manufacturer and supplier, Silent Night Beds, we were able to showcase the logistics industry as a whole and give students an insight into how the sector works in practice.

We all felt the day was great success and we believe our presentation was well received by the 850 Year 9 pupils who attended. We were able to challenge the students about the extent of their knowledge of logistics and open their eyes to the many jobs, over and above driving jobs, that are available to anyone wanting to pursue a future career in logistics. We hope that in due course some of the students who attended will one day forge their futures in our sector. We were also able to have a little fun on the day too and held a logistics Quiz and Prize Draw. We hope to announce the winner in the coming weeks.

TTA also used the opportunity to publicise the #Transform My Truck initiative which was very well received by the budding artists who attended the Work Inspirations Day. We will be going out on the road again shortly with the TTA truck visiting schools in the region to promote the initiative. Where will we be visiting next? Well, here’s a clue:

  • This city is known for its worker bees and has a red and a blue half

Can you guess where we’re off to?

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