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TTA has a long and proven track record working with young people and delivering apprenticeships which prepare them for a long and productive life in the logistics industry.However, we are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer and for new initiatives which will not only help to secure the future of the industry we hold so dearly, but also help more young people find the job that’s right for them. That’s why we are delighted to announce that we will now be working in partnership with Themis AC.UK. (Burnley College) to offer a range of logistics apprenticeships to both commercial customers and businesses across the North West.

Why choose a logistics apprenticeship?

If you’re just starting out on your career path you may be asking yourself why should I choose that particular industry? Well, the answer is simple. The Logistics Industry is thriving, it’s a worthwhile career with real prospects and, most importantly of all, it’s sustainable. The industry is currently worth over £80 billion to the UK economy, and it employs 2.3 million people across 196,000 businesses: that’s 1 in 12 of all the jobs in the UK. The Logistics Industry is critical in helping business efficiently store, supply and move goods around the country, and ensures that the right goods are always in the right place at the right time. All that’s needed to keep it functioning efficiently and effectively are dedicated and highly-trained employees.

The logistics sector is full of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and learn. Whether you’re looking for a practical job working with vehicles, jobs dealing with customers, behind-the-scenes jobs, jobs on the road, warehouse jobs or international jobs, the logistics sector has something to offer almost everyone.

Why choose a Themis apprenticeship in warehousing?

The short answer to that is that this warehousing apprenticeship will best prepare you for a long and fulfilling career in the sector and a life as a logistics #FUTUREBOSS.

The new warehousing apprenticeship offered jointly by Themis and TTA can help to kick start your career and, more importantly, pave the way for a long and promising career in logistics. Warehousing apprentices who choose to follow this career path will be able to develop their skills and work their way towards a Class C Driving Large Goods Vehicles qualification, opening up further career opportunities in logistics and leadership in the growing sector.

Working with a number of well-respected warehousing employers like Engineering Foundry Supplies, J. D. Williams, Magellan Aerospace, Option Hygiene, Senator, Silentnight and Simon Jersey, and with recognised industry leader, Transport Training Academy, to help you achieve your LGV qualification a Themis warehousing apprenticeship could open up many worthwhile and fulfilling future opportunities in the logistics sector.

For more information about the Themis warehousing apprenticeship, contact the Themis team on 01282 733005, or email If you would more information about logistics apprenticeships or would like additional information on Transport Training Academy’s extensive list of warehouse, storage and logistics training courses, call our expert training team on 0845 056 0561. 

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Well Done to Aaron Cochran for passing his CAT C with us on 21st February 2020. Congratulations from all at #TTA

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Well Done to Ryan Talbot for passing his B+E with us on 21st February 2020. Congratulations from all at #TTA

Christopher Murnaghan

Transport Manager CPC

Well Done to Christopher Murnaghan for passing his Transport Manager CPC with us in February 2020. Congratulations from all at #TTA

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Well Done to Andrew Meanley for passing his CAT C with us on 14th February 2020. Congratulations from all at #TTA

Paul Donoghue


Well Done to Paul Donoghue for passing his C+E with us on 14th February 2020. Congratulations from all at #TTA

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