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3 Simple Tips for New LGV Drivers

Congratulations! You’ve passed your C1 driving tests and you’re now a fully qualified driver. Maybe you’ve trained with us, at TTA and are heading out onto the open road.

If that’s the case, then it’s likely that along with the elation of having passed your test, you may feel a degree of nervousness.

Every new driver has nerves

Every new job involves a learning curve. No matter how good your training, and at TTA we take great care to make sure our newly qualified drivers leave with as much confidence as possible, there are always challenges to overcome. So it’s not unusual to begin your new career with a few nerves and uncertainties.

To help, here are some basic insights that can ease the nerves and make sure your first few months on the road are as smooth as possible.

1. Safety First

Always put safety first. It may seem obvious, but too often it’s tempting to take a risk rather than taking the time to check out a tricky situation. For example, backing into an awkward space when you’re rushed for time can leave you tempted to give it a go without properly checking. You may get it right, but it pays to get out of the cab and have a look before making the manoeuvre. Better to be a minute or two late than have explain why you’ve damaged the truck, or worse.

2. Take care of yourself

It’s important to stay healthy and alert, which means eating well. It’s very easy to get into the rut of eating high priced, low quality food from service stations. But this kind of diet saps your energy, and your money and you will need to stay alert on long drives. The answer is to start out eating well and try to continue this throughout your career. With in-cab facilities, such as mini-fridges, slow cookers and portable grills, with some thought, you can easily knock up a great-tasting, healthy meal at a fraction of the cost of the service station.

3. It’s good to talk

It’s important to keep in touch with the traffic office. The person organising your pick-ups and drop-offs is on your side. By building a good relationship with them, your work will run a lot smoother. Always try to be prompt, but if there is any delay, call ahead and keep everyone informed. If you’ve built up a good relationship with the traffic office, they will help smooth over any problems with the clients, and everyone will appreciate you telling them what’s going on, rather than just turning up late.

Get the best start with the best training

The best start  is to receive high quality training. At TTA our LGV Training Courses equip you with all the skills you need to build your confidence and knowledge to take on any challenge in this rewarding career. You’ll never stop learning, but with the right start, the road really will open up for you.

Talk to us today about training with TTA.

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