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Transport Training Academy gain dual ITSSAR Accreditation

TTA Announce ITSSAR Accreditation for another year

TTA Pass Annual Accreditation

At TTA, we are delighted to announce that we have, again, passed the ITSSAR Accreditation for this year at both our Atherton and Burnley training centres.

ITSSAR, The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register, is a non-profit making organisation which offers accreditation and monitoring of truck training. The aim of ITSSAR accreditation is simple – to improve the standards of training and safety in the operation of industrial trucks.

ITSSAR Accreditation

ITSSAR cover all sectors of industrial trucks. They have a comprehensive monitoring system, which ensures that instructors and training organisations meet all the relevant, current standards.

It is vital for driver training centres like TTA to work with ITSSAR’s practical trainers who specialise in the industrial truck training industry. By gaining ITSSAR accreditation, TTA have been able to demonstrate they are consistently delivery high quality training, but also that we are dedicated to improving our level of training every year.

ITSSAR publish recommended courses for a diverse range of applications, including construction plant operation, forklift operation, crane operation, lifting, rigging, slinging and signalling. To be one of their accredited and recommended course suppliers, we have been able to demonstrate that we know exactly what theoretical and practical skills are required to operate mechanical handling equipment safely.

TTA Accreditation Process

TTA have to undergo an annual accreditation from ITSSAR in order for us to continue in the delivery of any form of FLT training under the ITSSAR banner.

The process comprises of a 4 hour visit from an ITSSAR monitor, who will audit the following areas of TTA’s training:-

  • Company policies
  • All policies and procedures in relation to training
  • Completed training paperwork
  • Observation of instruction to a live candidate
  • Observation of teaching & learning
  • Training environment
  • Instructors CPD

Approved, Proven and Qualified

Following the audit, a report is then issued on completion, outlining any areas where suggested changes could be made and highlighting areas of outstanding service and training delivery.

At TTA we are delighted, once again to receive a full endorsement from ITSSAR and our training certificate, which is valid for another 12 months. Our Atherton training facility was successfully completed on the 6th September, and Burnley was successfully completed on the 19th September.

We love having feedback and suggestions, to make sure our training continues to improve, and there were some excellent pointers where we can continue to improve and deliver high quality training for the coming year.  We were particularly pleased with the comments from our Burnley audit, telling us that we had delivered the “best completed paperwork he had seen this year!”

Thank you to all our trainers and staff

We’d like to thank everyone at our training facilities who worked so hard to complete the audit this year, and to help us continue training excellent students to the highest ITSSAR Accredited standards.

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