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Transport Training Academy Visit Truckfest

In September, TTA visited Truckfest to catch up old friends, industry representatives and to enjoy celebrating all things truck!

A Festival of All Things Truck

Truckfest is a transport festival in the UK centred on trucks and the transport and logistics industry. Founded in 1983 it’s now a well established date in the yearly calendar for anyone associated with trucks in any way – from business to pleasure.

It’s now attended regularly by over 1000 trucks. This year’s Northwest show in September was well attended by local hauliers, truck manufacturers, large blue chip companies, smaller independent businesses and their families,

With numerous competitions, and activities it really was a festival of all things truck!

Family Fun

But it’s not just a truck industry event. Truck fest is renowned for providing all round family entertainment. With everything from the Swamp Thing Monster Truck to a visit from Love Island contestants – which excited some of our team, and drew blank faces from others! (We’ll let you guess which ones).

Meeting up With Old Trucking Friends

For us it was a chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones. Spending the whole weekend at Truckfest, we were able to catch up with other industry professionals, talk about changes and future innovations, as well as a chance to chew the fat with old friends and see how things were progressing for them.

We were delighted when our stall was visited by plenty of past pupils too. It was great to see people we have trained coming back to see us, keen to share their ongoing successes with us since receiving training and telling us how life has changed and how well they are doing.

It’s always good to have past pupils keeping in touch, but an event like Truckfest allows us to meet with them. Throughout the weekend there were a steady stream of people who reminisced with us of their early days on L plates and their memories of the trucks they drove.

Promoting our Driver Training

Attending industry and family events like that is very important to us at TTA. It’s the extra connections that help us and the industry continue to move forward to bring excellent new drivers together with employers.

Truck fest was a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to promote our business and display our TTA brand, but it was also a great opportunity to encourage new drivers to come forward, to learn the skills and join one of the best and most exciting industries around.

We were thrilled by the number of people who came to us on the day, and the amount of interest from new drivers, keen to become the future of our industry.

Thanks to everyone who attended Truckfest, everyone who came to say hello, and with the enquiries we’ve had for driver training, it’s clear the trucking industry is thriving and driving forward as much now as ever.

For more information about any of our driver training courses, contact us at TTA or download our course brochures today.

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