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TTA to attend and support Wonderful Things at Alder Grange School

TTA is delighted to announce that it will be attending and supporting Wonderful Things at Alder Grange School later this month. We are proud to be lending our support to this exemplary local organisation and hope that we will be able to inspire and encourage young people to engage in challenging activities which they would not normally have access to.

What is Wonderful Things?

Wonderful Things is a programme of unusual activities and life experiences for children aged 5 to 11. Created by Kate Crane in August 2013 and now running as an independent ‘not for profit’ organisation, Wonderful Things delivers activities that benefit as many children in the community as possible.

Wonderful Things is run by 2 permanent Project Managers – Kate Crane and Julia Ansell, regular Adult Leaders, 12 Youth Volunteers (aged 11-16) and 10 Young Volunteers (aged 10-11). Wonderful Things has delivered over 130 days of activities for young people during out-of-school hours.    

Working in partnership with educational establishments (including Accrington & Rossendale College, University of Central Lancashire, Alder Grange School), local and national organisations (including Newground, Flashbang Science, Academy of Fun) and local businesses and residents, Rossendale -based Wonderful Things has received over 2,000 bookings and provided activities for over 330 primary aged children since its formation in 2013. To ensure that all children in the Rossendale area benefit, places are available at a reduced fee to ensure all families have the opportunity to access the activities.

So what activities does Wonderful Things deliver?

Well, Wonderful Things provides innovative extra-curricular activities to children, delivered out of school hours, but within the safe environment of primary schools and local venues. Project Managers ensure a particularly wide spectrum of themes to the activities, so that children can be inspired and motivated to engage in challenging activities that they would not usually come across or have access to.

How can local businesses help to engage with local children attending Wonderful Things?

From its inception, Wonderful Things has engaged with community groups and businesses. It has enabled local small businesses to engage with families in new and special ways. Collaboration with community groups such as The Whitaker, The Boo and Rossendale 60s Festival have strengthened links between families, children and other valley groups. Engagement of local businesses such as Metis HR, JSA Print, Olly’s Woodland Learning, Shooters Media, Flash Bang Science and Academy of Fun has contributed to the development and promotion of those businesses. Now TTA, one of the North West’s leading logistics training organisations, will be joining the fold. We will be attending Alder Grange School on August 22nd and taking part in a range of Wonderful Things activities which include, amongst other things, ‘Outer Space and Map the Place’. We’re very much looking forward to the experience and engaging with younger members of our local community, and can’t wait to join in the fun.

We’ll report back on the day’s events in the coming weeks!  

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