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TTA is delighted to support the DFA’s new ‘Knights of the Road’ initiative

Did you know that the road network, a place of work for many involved in the logistics industry, is officially recognised by the HSE as the most dangerous workplace in the UK? That’s why it is regulated by the HSE to ensure employers do all they can to maintain the health and safety of their mobile employees. Did you also know that the road network is the most significant area where people involved in medical emergencies continue to rely almost entirely on the emergency services for a first medical response? The chances are the answers to those two questions is probably no – unless of course you work in the industry.

According to official Department of Transport figures, the cost of road accidents to individuals, society and the economy is £16.3bn each year. As shocking as that figure may sound, the Department of Transport believes that figure could be reduced substantially if drivers were trained to respond early and effectively to roadside accidents. With proper training, the Department believes that:

  • Fatalities could be reduced by 46 per cent
  • The impact of severe injuries could be lessened by early treatment
  • The emergency services could be better and more effectively employed, and
  • Road traffic congestion could be dramatically reduced

Driver First Assist (DFA) a new, not-for-profit, organisation has been created, with the support of the Department for Transport, to address this worrying problem.

driver first assist

DFA trains professional drivers – those who are often first-on-scene at road traffic collisions – to manage the scene and administer basic, and potentially life-saving first aid, prior to the arrival of emergency services. The new training programme, which is carried out by DFA instructors who are operationally experienced emergency services personnel, is accredited by both JAUPT and NCFE.

It is hoped that the aptly named ‘Knights of the Road’ programme will upskill professional drivers and provide them with the necessary emergency training. If enough professional organisations sign up to the DFA initiative, it believes it will be able to reduce road traffic fatalities by up to 46 per cent and help minimise road closures and traffic congestion following road traffic collisions.

TTA, one of the North West’s leading logistics training organisations, is delighted to support this fantastic initiative, and is working on ways to integrate the DFA training into our Licence Acquisition course. We firmly believe this additional on-road first response driver training can make a real difference to road safety by offering potentially life-saving interventions at the most critical of times. What’s more, we feel that DFA training can also help to improve workplace skills, and improve the profile and importance of the logistics profession and road transport industry in the public consciousness. For those reasons, we are happy to offer DFA our wholehearted support.

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