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TTA Directors get up close and personal at the Queen’s Birthday Parade

You may remember that we mentioned that TTA, one of the North West’s leading logistics training organisations, got an invitation to attend the Queen’s Birthday last weekend and join in the celebrations in our nations’ capital city.  TTA Managing Director, David Couple and Director, Rachael Scanlin, along with other representatives of the North West business community, attended the birthday celebrations at the invitation of the North West of England and Isle of Man Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association.

As birthday celebrations go, they don’t come much bigger than this. We’ve all seen the pomp and splendour on our TVs, but few of us have, or ever will, get to see the experience close up. So what was the day really like? Was it as regal and dazzling as it looks on our TVs, or does the small screen really not do it full justice? Well, the best people to ask are the ones who attended. They saw the event up close and personal, and they are the ones best-placed to convey what Royal occasions are really like. Here’s what David and Rachael had to say about their day out on Horse Guards’ Parade.


[pictures courtesy of Google images]

David Coupe

‘It was a complete pleasure and honour to be invited by our Military Partners for the birthday celebrations. The hospitality was outstanding with a lovely meal in the East India Gentleman’s Club.’

‘It was quite a surreal day for me, as I had never experienced anything like this first hand, and it was quite fast paced, from getting on the train in Preston at 05.58 to returning to Preston at 20.38 in the evening.’

‘It was a long and a very hot day, but it was also one of those money-can’t-buy experiences that should be on everyone’s bucket list. I just hope that the 5 soldiers who collapsed in the sweltering heat didn’t get into too much trouble!’

‘Overall it was a fantastic day and I would love to do it all again if the chance ever presents itself.’

Rachael Scanlin

‘For me it was the most fantastic day from beginning to end, though the experience was, in truth, totally surreal. To start with, the day was fantastically hot and sunny, which was great for the guests and the spectators, but wasn’t ideal for the guards on parade in their finery.’

‘We were treated like royalty by our military host, Victoria Doran. [Regional Employer Engagement Director North West Reserve Forces’ and Cadet’s Association] Watching the Queen’s Birthday Parade was, in reality, nothing like watching it on T.V, and obviously seeing the Queen was a real privilege for me personally. The champagne reception and luncheon provided by the East India Club on St James Square was absolutely fantastic and watching the flyover from the balcony was amazing.’

‘I loved the experience and feel privileged to have been invited. If the chance ever presents itself again, I would love to go back and do it all again.’

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