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A day in the life of TTA Driver Instructor and Trainee Assessor, Ian Fisher

TTA was delighted to welcome a new member to the team a few weeks ago. His name is Ian Fisher, and he joined TTA as a Driving Instructor and Trainee Assessor in February. Ian has an extensive background in logistics and training, so he was perfectly suited to the role. We’re pleased to say that Ian has settled in nicely and has revelled in his new role in the short time he’s been with the team. Here he explains what the role entails and what he does in a typical day at Transport Training Academy.

What was your background prior to joining Transport Training Academy?

“I’ve spent most of my working life in logistics. I’ve been a motorcycle instructor for the last 11 years so I have a lot of experience when it comes to training.  I’ve also been an HGV driver for over 15 years, with experience in low loaders, refrigeration, taut liners and tankers, and I’ve also driven lorries in Spain and throughout Europe.”

What prompted the move to TTA?

“I think the main reason was that I enjoyed instructing. As I’ve said I’ve already had experience in motorcycle instruction, both part time and full time, over a number of years, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I’ve got a great deal of experience in logistics training, and I get a great deal of job satisfaction passing that knowledge on to others. So I guess moving into a role at TTA was an obvious one for me.”

What does your role entail on a day-to-day basis?

“Well, each day is different. I normally carry out individual driver instruction, but I also teach CPCs. The role varies from week to week. That’s one of the main reasons why I really like the job: it offers variety and you can’t always say that about other jobs.”

How have you enjoyed your first few weeks at TTA? Have the team been helpful, and have you settled in well?

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far. I seem to have fitted in well, and have been warmly welcomed by the rest of the team. The team here is very close-knit and works fantastically well together. They’ve helped me to settle in and are always there to offer help and support should I need it. I’m very happy to work here and am pleased that I made the move.”

How long will it take before you get your assessor’s qualification?

“It will be an ongoing process over the course of the next 12 months or so. During that time, I’ll be learning new skills and developing personally. I know that it will be challenging, but I also know it will be worth the effort as it will open new doors for me. Hopefully when I get my assessor’s qualification I can also go on to teach FLT instruction, carry out classroom assessments and do forklift truck assessments.”

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