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TTA staff go back to school in the name of logistics

Transport Training Academy is committed to logistics and has worked tirelessly to promote the industry at every given opportunity. Inspiring young people to fulfil their potential is a core belief of ours. To that end, TTA Managing Director, David Coupe and DSA Instructor Julie Ann Kirkham, recently attended the ‘Fantastic Futures’ event at Darwin Aldridge Academy School as logistics role models.  

On 7th March Julie and David will be returning to the Darwen Aldridge Academy as industry representatives at their latest Skills Event, meeting up to 500 Year 10 and 11 students and promoting the viability of careers in logistics as part of the Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme: a programme which promotes collaboration between schools and colleges and employers to enrich students’ careers education.

Julie and David will be using their sessions with the students to promote logistics and the viability of future employment in the sector. They also aim to highlight what specific skills are required for the logistics sector and identify what sort of local job opportunities are likely to be available in the next few years. To give students a real insight into what a future in logistics would look like, David and Julie will be answering questions on, amongst other things:  

  • What qualities you need for a job this sector?
  • Why students should consider a career in logistics?
  • What qualifications they need to do this type of work?
  • What skills they need to do the job in the industry effectively?
  • What types of jobs are available in logistics?
  • How subjects’ students study at school are relevant to the world of work?

They will also be undertaking activities such as route planning and working out fuel usage and costs.

Later that same week, Lee Stewart, TTA’s Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality, will be attending Whitworth High School. On Friday 10th March, Lee, along with other companies and managers like Amanda George of Neales Waste Management in Blackburn, will be conducting a series of mock-interviews with Year 10 and 11 students. These mock-interviews will hopefully give students a taster of what real-life interviews are like and better prepare them for the life of work.

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