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Saturday night’s alright for fighting.

We all like to do our bit for charity, whether that’s making the occasional donation or sponsoring a fun run; but how far would you really be prepared to go to raise money for a noble cause? The answer is probably not as far as Laurence Degrassi. Laurence, works as a transport manager for our loyal customer, Kensite Services Ltd, but he’ll be swapping his desk job for a boxing ring in less than a fortnight’s time – all in the name of charity.  

Laurence has agreed to lace up his gloves and take part in a charity White Collar Boxing event in front of 4,000 people at the Macron Stadium next month. You’re probably wondering why anyone who’s never boxed before would be prepared to risk life and limb in the ring? Well, the reason is simple: it’s to raise money for two chosen charities that are close to his heart – Child Bereavement UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Why is the Child Bereavement UK charity so important to you?

“It’s important because I have personal experience of this. I lost a sister many moons a go to cot death, plus my partner, Natasha, is a midwife and comes across child bereavement a lot. So I guess the charity is special for both of us.”

What exactly is cot death?  

“Cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the term used to describe the sudden death of a baby in its sleep where no cause or medical reason can be identified. Although cot death is relatively uncommon in the UK – with only around 1 in every 300 babies dying from cot death – it still affects 270 babies every year here, leaving 270 grieving families behind.  If we can raise money to fund more research into this awful syndrome, then we might just be able to save more families from grief.”

Why have you chosen the Alzheimer’s Society as your other nominated charity?

“The reason why I am trying to raise money for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is because of Natasha. She lost a very close and loved family member to this horrible disease shortly before we met. He was a great person and is still dearly missed. I hope by taking part in the boxing I can raise some money to fund further research into this awful and devastating neuro-degenerative disease.”

Laurence’s ‘Fight Night’ is being held at the Macron Stadium in Horwich on the 4th of March. Tickets for the night cost £20 each or £35 for a table of 10. All ticket money and sponsorship money will go to the Alzheimer’s Society and Child Bereavement UK. If you would like to sponsor Laurence, then you can do so at his donation page:

All the staff at Transport Training Academy would like to send Laurence our very best wishes for the night, and we hope he manages to raise lots and lots of money for these noble causes.  Good luck Laurence and keep your guard up.

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