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TTA closes for Team Training and Teambuilding day

Transport Training Academy, the North West’s leading logistics training organisation, was closed on Thursday, 13th October, for the team training and a teambuilding exercise. We hold this team event every year for two reasons: firstly, we believe it helps to boost staff morale and that has to be good for the team, and secondly because the exercise helps us to identify any area of the business that still needs improvement. Our aim ultimately is to continually improve and provide excellence across all areas of the business.

So what did we get up to on the day? Well, we dealt with a lot of important matters, from Safeguarding including Prevent, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training and British Values, to CPR training, Information Advice and Guidance training and Self-Assessment reporting. We even found time in this busy schedule to squeeze in a curry lunch generously provided by our intrepid European charity golfer, Stuart Ogilvie. Stuart provided this as a thank you to the team for all the support they gave him whilst he was undertaking his Hounds 4 Heroes challenge.  All in all the day prove to be productive and successful.

EDI and Safeguarding Training

The training programme was delivered by Assessor/Trainer, Sharon Sugden. The advocacy of EDI, British Values and Safeguarding including Prevent is important to TTA, and it’s something we’re fully committed to in both our training and the workplace. Our new agreed training programme will certainly reflect this commitment.

CPR Training

All colleagues received CPR training on the day, delivered by Andrea Roach, a qualified First Aid Instructor. TTA provided this additional training as we feel it is our responsibility to do so. We think this is a useful, and potentially life-saving skill to be able to call upon in the workplace should anything untoward happen. We’d like to think Andrea for her efforts which were greatly appreciated.

Information Advice and Guidance Training

The training programme was delivered by Lee Stewart, Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality. Using his previous experience at E2E in Oldham where he completed his Level 4 award in IAG, Lee delivered a presentation and break out session, using real-life scenarios to illustrate and explain how we all can use IAG in our everyday roles. During feedback we also discussed how each area of the business felt they used IAG and what impact they can have on people and work colleagues.

Self-Assessment Reporting

All the members of team were involved in the writing of our Self-Assessment Report. This is something that we do every year and it is underpinned by the desire to continually improve all sections of the business. We analyse what we do in the business that is outstanding, what we do that is satisfactory and what we do that still requires improvement. The aim of the exercise is to identify any areas of weakness in the business, improve satisfactory aspects, maintain strengths, consolidate and then spread good practice to all other areas of the business.

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