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Laura Stewart successfully completes Tough Mudder event and raises money for the Crohn’s Society

TTA is delighted to announce that Laura Stewart, daughter of TTA’s Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality, Lee Stewart successfully completed the Cholmondeley Castle Tough Mudder event with a team of 5 childhood friends, raising almost £600 for the Crohn’s Society. How did she feel after the event? Did she come through it in one piece? The person who knows best is her father Lee. Here’s what he had to say.

Did Laura manage to complete the Tough Mudder course unscathed?

“Yes, I’m pleased to say she successfully completed the Tough Mudder event and came through the 12 mile/ 28 obstacle race in one piece. It was only when she managed to clean off all the mud after the event that she found that she was covered in bruises and scrapes.”

How much money did Laura manage to raise for the Crohn’s Society?

“Through Just Giving alone Laura raised £480, and because she works for the NHS she was able to raise another £120 through their support. Not all the money has been counted in yet, but we’re pretty confident the final total raised for charity should be somewhere around £600 which we think is a great achievement.”

Is Laura planning on doing something similar next year?

“I think so, and some of us plan to join her too. Laura’s boyfriend, Sam, has just done an Iron Man event, and he’s persuaded me to get involved. I’m not sure I’d go as far as doing an Iron Man event, even for charity, but I’m certainly going to give Tough Mudder a go after seeing it for myself. Hopefully I’ll be taking part along with Sam and a couple of colleagues from TTA. We’re also working on trying to persuade Davis Coupe, TTA’s managing director, to take part too! My thinking is the more people you get taking part in the event; the more fun you have. So we’ll try to get together a team of between 6 and 8.”

“The event will take place next August at Cholmondeley Castle near Oulton Park and as soon as we register we’ll be given training packs so that we can get ourselves in shape for next year. Hopefully this time next year we’ll also be able to say we raised quite a bit of money for this worthy charity.”

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