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Jayne Parkes: how vocational training can help to inspire and drive success.

Transport Training Academy knows there’s nothing better than a success story, so we thought we’d bring you another of our own. This one is about driver Jayne Parkes. Jayne first started working in logistics in the 1990s up in North Yorkshire, but moved back into the warehousing side of the industry when she returned to her native Warrington in 1997.

However, her love of driving never left her, so when presented with the opportunity to attend a course for DGV training at Transport Training Academy, Jayne jumped at the chance. Naturally she passed the course with flying colours, and enjoyed the learning experience so much that she’s now looking to sign up for further training at TTA so that she can gain her Class 2 licence. Here’s Jayne story.

Did you have any experience in the logistics industry before going on the DGV training course at Transport Training Academy?

“I gained some experience years ago when I worked as a delivery driver over in North Yorkshire. I worked there between 1995 and 1997 driving a little transit van doing light haulage in the North York moors. After I was made redundant I decided to move back to Warrington where I’ve been ever since. I then moved into warehousing where I stayed for quite some time, so I suppose I stayed within the industry – just not necessarily on the driving side of it.”

Where did the interest in driving goods vehicles stem from?

Well I’ve always liked driving so it made sense. After being made redundant again I went to visit the Job Centre and mentioned that I was interested in going back to driving again.  They told me about the course that Transport Training Academy was running in Atherton. I was really interested when they mentioned that and jumped at the opportunity. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I wanted to go off in a different direction; and the driver training offered by TTA gave me the perfect opportunity and push to achieve what I wanted.”

How did you enjoy the DGV training course at TTA?

“I absolutely loved it. Everyone at TTA was very friendly and helpful, and the trainers were brilliant and fully supportive. The instructors not only helped me get my qualification; they also inspired me and gave me the confidence to go on and achieve what I wanted to achieve. I can’t praise them or Transport Training Academy enough for what they did. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality of the training that I’m now looking at signing up to go back and do further training so I can get my Class 2.”

What work are you doing now?

“I currently work for a company called Height for Hire. In my job I do some driving, but my main role is operating truck-mounted booms up to 30 metres. After I get my Class 2 qualification I hope to be able to operate bigger machines and vehicles and spend more time driving.”  

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