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TTA Trainer, Julie Ann Kirkham, passes Part Two of the DSA Instructor’s Register

TTA is delighted to announce that Trainer, Julie Anne Kirkham has successfully completed and passed Part Two of the DSA Instructor’s Register. Julie Ann has worked as a Class One LGV driver gaining valuable experience in a variety of different roles from low-loaders, fridges, Hiab work as well as waste to landfill and sewage works, and is a well-respected and valued TTA instructor on both the driving school (all licences) and Driver CPC.

We believe congratulations are in order after you successfully passed Part 2 of the DSA Instructor’s Register: how did you find the course?

“Yes. I’m pleased to say I successfully completed Part 2 of my DSA qualification at the end of May. I’d already passed Part One of the DSA Instructor’s Register earlier this year along with Sharron Sugden, one of our other trainers.”

“I enjoyed the course and felt very proud and satisfied with my achievement: proud because I passed the driving ability part of the course, and satisfied because it proves to me that I have the necessary ability and skills to drive at a consistently high standard. I can now pass that knowledge and experience onto my candidates.”

How did you find Part 2?

“Well, I suppose the answer is that I found it easier than I expected: easier in the sense that it’s the same test as you do when you qualify as a Class 1 driver. So it’s something familiar and that makes it less daunting. The only difference is that when you take the test for Part 2 of the DSA Instructor’s Register you’re taking the test again as an experienced driver so that in a sense cranks up the pressure you feel within yourself. But once I got started I was fine and wasn’t affected by the pressure.”

Did you find Part 2 easier to complete than Part 1?

“I’m not sure really. I can’t say that I found either of them particularly difficult. With the driving part of the exam all I did was drive how I normally do. As far as the theory part of the qualification went I think I found that harder than Sharron did. Sharron teaches a lot in the classroom so she was more up-to- speed with that than me. So I had to put in quite a lot of revision to be confident of passing the theory part of the qualification. Obviously all that revision helped as I passed without a problem.”

What happens now?

“Now I’ll start to work towards Part 3, which is the instructional ability part of the qualification. I’m not sure when I’ll start that. However, I believe the whole system is about to change. It’s no longer going to examined and accredited by the DSA, but by accredited driving schools. I believe that change will take place in December, so I don’t know how that will affect my plans if at all.

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