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TTA apprentice, Craig Davenport, wins outstanding achievement awards in both the Traineeship and Progression categories

Transport Training Academy has always been a strong advocate and keen supporter of Apprenticeships. We understand that unless we are able to produce a new generation of highly trained youngsters and bring them through the ranks, the logistics industry will struggle to survive. That’s why we put so much time and effort into apprenticeships in general, and training our own team and supporting, embedding and promoting equality and diversity and safeguarding in all our training in particular.

This commitment to apprenticeships and quality training is nowhere better illustrated than with one of our own young apprentices, Craig Davenport. Craig joined Transport Training Academy last summer as a business administration apprentice. Craig had previously done work experience with us after being referred to us by Alliance Learning. Having made such a good impression, we were delighted to offer Craig an apprenticeship, and set him to work studying for his level 2 Diploma in business administration.

Well, Craig easily managed to pass that milestone and then went on to successfully pass his Unit 4 qualification whilst also passing driving test theory examination at the same time. TTA are delighted with the progress Craig has made in the short time he’s been with us, and we’re not alone either. Craig has also been delighting his Alliance Learning Tutors too. So much so that Alliance Learning nominated Craig for an outstanding achievement award.

Well, we’re pleased to say that despite tough competition from a number of other quality nominees, Craig’s nomination was successful, and he was voted Award Winner for both the Traineeship and Progression Awards, 2015. All the staff at Transport Training Academy were delighted to hear the news, and we’d like to heartedly congratulate Craig on his outstanding achievement.

Craig will receive his award and cash prize later on this month. The awards event will be held on June 21 st at the Alliance Learning Headquarters in Horwich, Bolton. This year’s awards event will be sponsored by MBDA UK Ltd, a world-leading multi-national group with over 10,000 employees manufacturing missiles and missile systems at industrial units in France, the UK, Italy, Germany and the United States.

TTA offers Logistics QCFs for employees of the logistic industry who are looking to gain extra qualifications and training within the sector whilst also formalising their skills and knowledge. Apprenticeships are aimed primarily at individuals who are already working in the sector who haven’t got formal qualifications in that area. However, whilst the ‘Employed Status’ is the preferred route for all Apprenticeships, we also try to work to fulfil a company’s their employment needs by placing individuals who want to work within the industry and who are willing to develop and grow with the business in a variety of roles.

Wherever individuals are looking for opportunity, whether that’s within the warehouse, driving goods vehicles or logistic operations, TTA can offer full or part-time NVQs, QCFs and Apprenticeships which will not only enhance and develop the skills of the individual, but also secure the long-term future of the logistics industry.

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