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Rebuilding careers: how vocational training can help you.

What do you do when life deals you an unexpected blow? How do you deal with the disappointments and move on? Well, if the experience on logistics worker, Roy Jackson, is anything to go by, you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again. Roy had worked in logistics all of his life, but had to give up his PSV licence after developing a medical condition. After so many years in one industry, things looked quite bleak. However, after advice from the Job Centre, and a Warehouse and Storage training course and FLT training at Transport Training Academy – which is funded by their Prime WTTL – Roy is now in the position to move on with his life and get his career back on track. Here’s Roy’s story:

Have you always had an interest in logistics?

“Yes. I’ve been involved in logistics all my working life. I’ve done 7.5 tonne work and warehouse work. In my last job I was a course driver, but unfortunately I developed a medical condition which meant I lost my licence through no fault on my own. As things stand I’m not working at the moment as I’m waiting to get my driving licence back. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of weeks or so, and when it does I can get back to work.”

How did you end up going on a Transport Training Academy training course?

“I heard about it though the Job Centre. They understood my situation and suggested I go on a course to improve my job prospects. So I approached TTA and got a place on a Warehouse and Storage and Counter-balance Fork Lift Truck course.”

How long did the course take?

“In total it took 5 weeks, full-time studying 8 hours a day. It was certainly hard work, but it was enjoyable none the less.

How did you find the Warehousing and Storage and FLT course?

“It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would definitely say it’s the best course I’ve been on. As I said it was hard work, but the tutors were excellent. One or two of the boys on the course were a bit ‘boisterous’, but the course tutors soon took them in hand and calmed them right down, so that everyone, including those who were struggling, was able to knuckle down and get through the work. They were both excellent and managed to help everyone get through what was quite a tough and demanding programme.”

You’re experienced, having spent your entire working life in logistics, but would you say you learned new things on the course?

“Definitely, particularly the Health and Safety stuff. I wasn’t really aware a lot of it, but the course tutors helped me understand what is was all about, and why it was important in the modern workplace.”

So what’s next for you?

“Well I’ve been a driver all my working life since leaving school, but because I lost my licence, I can’t get my PSV licence back for another 5 years. As I can only get my car licence back I’ve had to look at other options for my longer-term future. So that’s why I turned my attentions to warehousing and fork lift driving. I’m also quite keen on getting out on the road again as a van driver. Hopefully as soon as that happens I can start to move on and find new work.”

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