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TTA is delighted to welcome new warehouse and FLT assessor, Stuart Fairhurst.

TTA is pleased to announce that we now have a new member of staff – Stuart Fairhurst. Stuart is a knowledgeable and highly qualified warehousing and FLT Instructor with many years of logistics experience. He joined Transport Training Academy on Monday 1st February, and will be working as a Warehouse and FLT assessor at our Burnley logistics hub. We thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce the newest member of the Transport Training Academy team

What logistics areas do you specialise in?

“My main areas of expertise are warehousing and Fork Lift Trucks (FLT). I’ve worked in logistics for a long time now. I’ve worked for a number of major companies and also ran my own training business for a while delivering fork lift truck training, warehousing and FLT training courses and NVQs. All of my previous work was based in and around 3 sites in Cheshire, North Wales and Runcorn.”

What prompted the move to Transport Training Academy?

“It was simple really: I was made redundant last November and I heard about Transport Training Academy, and got in touch with them last week, and I then started work this Monday. So I wasn’t out of the game for long at all fortunately.”

Have you settled in at Transport Training Academy?

“Oh yes: I’m really enjoying it though I only joined on Monday, so I’m the new boy. It’s all a little bit new to me, but in the couple of days I’ve been here I’ve felt right at home.”

“Obviously as you can tell from my accent I’m a Liverpool lad, so getting to and from home to Burnley is a bit of a trek, but you have to do what you have to do. It’s not as bad as it sounds though, because I’m used to travelling in my work and often had to go to all sorts of different places to deliver warehouse and FLT training.”

Have you enjoyed your limited time at TTA so far?

“Yes it’s been good. I spent the first day at the Atherton headquarters, doing an initial induction, then I spent the rest of the day in the classroom getting used to how the company wanted things delivered. Then I moved over to the Burnley depot on my second day, and started delivering units from my courses.”

“I’m doing what I’ve been trained for, so haven’t experienced any difficulties so far. The only difference I have noticed is that the training delivery style is different than I’m used to. I was running short courses over 14 days previously, but now I’ll be running longer training courses over 5 weeks. It will be good because it will give me an opportunity to get the students better, but I’ll have to retrain myself to slow down a bit and not try to cram all the information into the first couple of weeks.”

How you’ve found your work colleagues? Have they helped you to settle in?

“They’ve been superb. I couldn’t have asked for more. They’re enthusiastic and supportive, and can’t seem to do enough for you. It’s a great team to be working in, and I’m looking forward to getting settled in here in Burnley.”

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