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TTA receives bronze award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

Transport Training Academy is pleased to announce that it has received the Bronze Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (DERS).


The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme recognises the commitment and support from UK employers for Defence personnel, and rewards those employers who align their values with the Armed Forces’ covenant, and pledge, demonstrate or advocate their support for Defence and the Armed Forces Community. We are delighted to have received the bronze award and will be applying for the silver award to demonstrate our continued commitment to the defence community.

TTA is committed to supporting, embedding and promoting equality and diversity and safeguarding in all its training. We believe in our forces and appreciate the many sacrifices that servicemen and women have made for the country. Our support team has been advising military personnel on their resettlement options for many years. Our instructors include ex-military personnel who fully understand the emotions, challenges and difficulties ex-service personnel experience when leaving military service. Changing careers is difficult at the best of times: moving from military service to Civvy Street is another thing entirely. However, with TTA’s expert help and advice we can help ex- service personnel achieve their employment goals.

All our courses are both residential and non-residential dependant on your individual requirements and our training portfolio consists of a broad range of Logistics courses covering Warehousing, Driving and Managerial routes. Our Training Centre has been designed with you in mind to ensure that we provide the best environment for your training. Our onsite manoeuvring area for LGV training is an exact replica of the DSA test requirements and are delivered by our DSA registered instructors. We have state of the art training rooms and Fork Lift Truck facilities which simulates a real working warehouse environment.

All training is conducted using industry specific full-size equipment, and is designed to give you all the experience and confidence you’ll need to operate safely and efficiently in your new working environment. We can even offer real life work experience through our network of Blue Chip companies, reputable Recruitment Agencies and commercial customers to make sure you get the experience that is appropriate for you and your circumstances and gain access to numerous live vacancies throughout the UK.

If you’d like to know more about our logistics services and the types of things we do, then TTA would like to invite you to come for a visit and talk to the learners and the team members. If you currently hold a provisional licence then you could even take a free one hour LGV driving assessment, or have a go on an FLT. For more information give TTA’s resettlement advisors a call on 0845 056 0561

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