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A day in the life of business administration apprentice, Craig Davenport.

The future of the Logistics Industry depends on bringing through a new generation of enthusiastic, well-trained workers. Sadly without new blood our industry would struggle to keep its head above water. But in order to ensure that young workers are prepared for a life in work, they need to be trained correctly and they need to be fully prepared. That’s where Transport Training Academy comes into the equation. We train young apprentices and prepare them for a life in logistics and endeavour to support, embed and promote equality and diversity and safeguarding in all our training: young apprentices like Craig Davenport.

Craig joined the company this summer as a Business Administration Apprentice. Craig had previously undertaken work experience with us after being referred to us by Alliance Learning through their Traineeship Programme. Having made such a good impression, we were delighted to offer Craig an apprenticeship, and he is now working and studying for his Level 2 in Business Administration. How is Craig settling in? How is he enjoying his time at Transport Training Academy? Well, this is what he had to say.

What led you to Transport Training Academy?

“I finished college a couple of years ago, but still hadn’t really decided what I wanted to do with my life then. I then started with Alliance Learning and did a Traineeship with them. Through their contacts I got the opportunity to do work experience with TTA. I enjoyed the work experience and learnt a lot at Transport Training, so when I was offered the Business Administration Apprenticeship here I was really pleased.”

Have you always been interested in logistics and trucks?

“Yes, I have. I’ve definitely always been interested in trucks. It runs in the family I suppose, because my dad is interested too. So when I was offered the opportunity to start an Apprenticeship at Transport Training Academy, it just made sense for me.”

How are you enjoying your apprenticeship?

“I’m really enjoying it. I’m working with a lot of really good people and feel very happy here. I’m getting new skills all the time and learning something new every day. Since I’ve been working here with the team I’ve started to grow in confidence, and I’m now more outgoing and happier.”

What sort of thing do you do each day?

“Well, every day is different and that’s what makes it satisfying. I do all sorts of general administrative tasks. I’ll generally do scanning every day and putting information in folders. Sometimes I’ll do quotes and make up portfolios for our candidates. It keeps me busy and I find the work very interesting.”

What do you want to do after you’ve finished your Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship and gained your qualification?

“I’d like to carry on and get even better qualifications if that’s possible. I’d like to get my level 3 qualification, and may be even try to learn other skills too. As far as I’m concerned every new skill I can add is a bonus.”

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