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TTA associate, Ian Massey qualifies as DSA Instructor

TTA is delighted to announce that one of our associates, Ian Massey, has now been recognised and accredited as a DSA instructor. Ian is a valued member of the TTA training team and already delivers training in a number of areas for Transport Training Academy along with his wife Sue, through their company SIM Training. We know how hard Ian worked to achieve accreditation and we’d like to congratulate him for gaining this qualification. Here’s what he had to say about his life in logistics. .

What’s your background?

“I’ve been training candidates at TTA for some time now. I’ve been involved in the Logistics Industry in one capacity or another for over 25 years so I have a lifetime’s experience to call upon. I run a family business – SIM Training – with my wife, Sue, and have been working as TTA associates for a number of years now.”

What do you do as a TTA Associate?

“Through our SIM Training business we employ both male and female SIM instructors to deliver a range of Fork Lift Truck disciplines as well as Access Platform training and Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). SIM Training are also members of International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and deliver a range of courses under this remit.”

You’ve recently qualified as a DSA: will this affect how you deliver HGV training?

“No: things will carry on just as before. I’ve been delivering this training for quite a while now. The only difference is that I am now able to deliver the training as an accredited DSA instructor. What the DSA instructor qualification does is prove that you’ve met the necessary criteria to deliver training effectively. It’s an accreditation that recognises that you are an expert in your specialised field and know what you’re talking about.”

How long did the qualification take?

“I started the course last year and finally qualified in July this year. It was hard work, but I’m certainly glad that I took the time to do it.”

Is the qualification mandatory for trainers?

“No: it’s voluntary. Technically the qualification isn’t necessary for trainers. As it stands the DSA register is a voluntary thing and has been for a number of years. People with experience in training heavy goods vehicles drivers are able to deliver training whether they’ve got the accreditation or not. Their experience in either training or driving over a number of years qualifies them to teach others. I decided that although I have myself been delivering HGV training for some time, the accreditation would add another string to my bow.”

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