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Logistics news: what a difference a month makes

We’re not sure what your September has been like, but here at Transport Training Academy we’ve been busy, busy, busy. Still, we wouldn’t really want it any other way. So what’s been keeping us ccupied over the last few weeks? Well, here are some of the things we’ve been doing this month:

SFA ROTO Listing

TTA are delighted to be listed on the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) Register of Training Organisations (ROTO). The register of training organisations is the SFA’s only market entry point for organisations that intend to:

  • deliver education and training services
  • deliver information, advice and guidance, which may include delivery for the National Careers Service
  • develop services (replacing the service developer framework)
  • operate in our supply chain as a subcontractor with an aggregated contract value of £100,000 or more (only for subcontractors delivering education and training services)

To be able to register, organisations must complete the market entry pre-qualification process which is only open at select points during the year.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

We are delighted to be supporting Macmillan Cancer Support by running our own Macmillan Coffee Morning and preparations are well under way for the event which will be held on Friday 25th September. The event will start at 10am. We will be inviting our commercial customers, past clients, stakeholders and learners, and we hope that residents living in the Atherton area will also be able to attend. What are we planning on offering? Well, there’ll be a selection of homemade cakes, some of which will be made by one of our assessors who’s also a Master Baker, and a selection of ‘shop- bought’ goodies from those of us who aren’t quite up to GBBO standards. At the end of the event we hope to auction off any produce left over to local school children on their way home after classes have ended. We’re hopeful that our event will raise a good amount of money for this worthiest of causes. Last year we raised £201.32 so we really hope to beat this amount!

ADR courses completed with really positive feedback.

In November 2014 TTA added another new logistics training course to its extensive portfolio: ADR driver training for the transportation of dangerous goods by road. The purpose of ADR is to ensure that dangerous goods (including clinical and other dangerous waste) being carried by road can cross international borders freely, as long as goods, vehicles and drivers comply with its provisions. We’re delighted to say that all our ADR courses were successfully completed, and we received very positive feedback from everyone who attended the courses.

Royal Logistics Corps Employer Engagement Dinner

TTA instructors/assessors Sharron Sugden and Julie Ann Kirkham attended an Employer Engagement Dinner hosted by the Royal Logistics Corps 156 Regiment at Liverpool.


TTA has always been a keen advocate of apprenticeships. The training is not only important for giving the next generation of workers a head start in their careers, it is also vital for the long term wellbeing of the logistics industry. TTA plays a small role in helping these young men and women achieve their goals and endeavours to support, embed and promote equality and diversity and safeguarding in all its training.

So we’d like to say congratulations to two of our latest apprentices, Jack Hickson of K. C. Jones and Conor Lowes from Matthew Kibble. Both lads have done splendidly and have passed all parts of their LGV Theory Tests with flying colours. Congratulations from the team boys and well done on passing your tests first time.

Will October prove to be any quieter? Well, we doubt it, not with the Burnley office launch. The chances of it being quiet are very slim we’d say.

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