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Life back in the fast lane: Commercial Sales Leader, Sheena Mills, returns to TTA after Maternity Leave.

The North West’s leading Logistics training organisation, Transport Training Academy, is delighted to announce that Commercial Sales Leader, Sheena Mills, returned to work on 20th July, after 8 month’s Maternity Leave.  The staff were certainly glad to have her back. It’s been a long 8 months for the team at TTA, but for Sheena the 8 months has just flown by. But how did she feel leaving baby Eric in someone else’s care? Was she nervous returning to the workplace? How is she coping with being a full-time mother and a full-time employee? Well, the answer appears to be that although she desperately misses baby Eric, returning to the workplace has otherwise been a breeze.

Returning to work at TTA

How did you feel on the morning that you were due to return to work?

“Well, I was obviously a little nervous coming back to work after having been on maternity leave for 8 months, but I found that I slotted back in without any problems at all. It’s great to be working with the team once again. I feel comfortable. In fact it almost feels like I’ve never been away.”

Were you nervous about coming back to work full-time?

“No, I wasn’t nervous about coming back to work at all. In some ways I was really looking forward to it. I suppose the biggest concern was leaving baby Eric after spending so much time with him. Naturally I found the first couple of days back in work very traumatic. But I soon got over that after seeing how well Eric had adjusted to life at nursery, and to be honest by the end of the week I was glad to be back at work with the team having an adult conversation.”

How’s Eric adjusting to daily life without a familiar face?

“He seems to be fine. I still miss Eric lots and lots whilst I’m at work, like any mother would, but he seems to be having a great time and enjoying himself with the other children. We did lots of activities whilst I was at home with him, but I think even babies must get a little bored looking at the same face day after day. The variety and interaction with other children is probably good for him.”

What are you up to now you’re back at Transport Training Academy?

My main role is working on the existing customer database. Basically what I do is to keep a check on these clients, making sure they’re OK and trying to generate new sales. We’ve also got another database with lots of potential contacts on there, and it’s my job to work through that contact list and to try to as part of my role drum up new business. Appointments are being made for me to go out and visit potential new customers. I’ll also be out and about in the coming weeks promoting the new training centre in Burnley which is opening on 24th August too. So it looks like work is going to be really busy for me.

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