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A Day In the Life of Ann Dennis: TTA’s Office Manager.

In the latest of our looks behind the scenes at Transport Training Academy, TTA is pleased to introduce you to Office Manager, Ann Dennis.

Ann joined TTA in our administrative department in 2012. Ann came to us after many years’ service in administration with firms like K2 Conservatories. Although Ann’s had only limited knowledge of logistics and training before joining us, she’s quickly learned the ropes and is now a stalwart at the firm. She runs the office meticulously and prides herself on doing a good job. So what does Ann get up to each day?

What does she enjoy most about her job, and how does she find the TTA working environment?

Well, here’s what she had to say.

Is there such a thing as a typical day at Transport Training Academy?

“Well although I deal with a variety of different things on different days, my working day does tend to follow a fairly consistent pattern. There are certain tasks I do pretty much every day. How would I describe my job? Well, I suppose the best description of my job is accounts manager. I deal with the invoicing, the purchase orders, receiving moneys in, and paying invoices.”

“Over and above those duties I’m here to help should anybody need my services. Occasionally I’ll deal with any queries we might receive. I feel confident in doing that as I’ve been here a few years now and feel that I have sufficient experience to deal with most issues that might arise.”

Where did you work before you joined TTA?

I’ve spent most of my career in administration. The last company I worked at was K2 Conservatories where I provided administrative support. I worked there for about 9 years, but then the company was taken over. Having known David, TTA’s Managing Director for a number of years, I got the opportunity to come and work for TTA. We’d talked about me joining the company for a couple of years before, but the closure of K2 made the choice for me, and it’s a choice I have not regretted since.”

Have you enjoyed your time at TTA?

“I have. I’ve really enjoyed it. I am able do my job well, but still have time for the family, which for me is very important. I’m left to my own devices most of the time, but what I do like is that I know I can always turn to other team members for help and support if I need it. I find the job very satisfying because I think it suits my personality. I’ve always been neat and tidy and very conscientious. I like to keep busy, and the role just suits me perfectly. The satisfaction I feel comes from knowing I’ve done a good job.”

What’s it like to work with the rest of the team TTA?

“It’s great. They are a great bunch of people to work with. I felt that from the day I started. We all muck in together when things are busy, and we all try to help and support each other. We even go out sometimes after work, so I’d say we bond pretty well. We’re a team and we definitely work well together and complement each other.”

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