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A Day In the Life of Lee Stewart: TTA’s Head of Teaching, Learning, and Quality.

In the latest of our looks behind the scenes at Transport Training Academy, TTA is pleased to introduce you to Head of Teaching, Learning and Quality, Lee Stewart.

Lee joined TTA as an assessor in 2013. After many years’ service as Senior Production Manager at the Co-operative Bank, Lee trained and qualified as an assessor specialising in Warehouse & Storage and Performing Manufacturing Operations. Lee has a vast range of relevant qualifications which includes PTLLS, IAG, Cert in Environmental Health, Internal Quality Assurance, and he is also an ITSSAR Instructor/Examiner. Lee was appointed as Head of Teaching, Learning, and Quality in 2014.

What does he get up to each day at TTA?

What are the biggest challenges he faces and what gives him the greatest satisfaction? Here’s what Lee had to say.

What sort of experience did you have in the Logistics Industry before joining TTA in 2013?

“I’m a qualified assessor and IV. I got my qualifications when I joined a logistics company in 2009. Prior to that, I worked at the Co-operative Bank for nearly 26 years, with 17 years as a Senior Production Manager in their Manufacturing department. The banking crisis forced my hand, as because of the financial squeeze the bank was forced to outsource some departments and make some staff redundant in 2009. After leaving the Co-op I took a four month sabbatical and used the time to re-evaluate my options. I decided that I wanted to go into training, so I joined a company and got all my training badges. In September 2013 I was approached by Transport Training Academy when they opened their new training premises in Atherton, and the rest as they say, is history.”

What are responsibilities at TTA?

“When I originally joined TTA I was employed as an assessor delivering commercial and pre-employment training. In May, 2014, I was asked to head-up the Teaching, Learning and Quality Department. So I’m now responsible for all the instructors and assessors at the company.”

Is there such a thing as a typical day at TTA?

“I wish there was. Every day is different, and each day you face new challenges. That’s what makes the job so enjoyable. Having said that, I always follow certain set patterns. I always arrive early at around 7.30, so that I have sufficient time to plan my day properly. By doing that I know that I’ve got everything covered. When the rest of the team arrive we have our daily huddle. In this we plan the day out and discuss what we are due to do and what issues we might face or may have faced the previous day. The meeting is chaired by either me or Rachael, TTA’s Business Development director.”

“After the huddle we have a break-out meeting, a kind of sub- group for the instructors who I manage. In that meeting we talk through the coming day and discuss who is attending. It’s my job to make sure we have the necessary staff available to deliver the day’s training, and support my team should there be any issues.”

“I don’t really do any formal instructing myself, although I am a qualified forklift truck instructor. However, if we are short of staff for whatever reason, I’m quite happy to step in and cover for them. When that happens it tends to throw the rest of my daily schedule out, but that’s what team work’s all about – stepping up when there’s an issue that needs dealing with.”

“I suppose I could split my role into two parts; reactive and proactive. I support and deal with any problems that might arise, whether that be with the admin or sales side. I’m an internal verifier (IV) so I have to approve and authorise any qualifications that we’ve gone through. Because of this dual role there are often days where I don’t manage to do what I intended to do, but it keeps me busy and it adds variety to my day.”

What have you most enjoyed during your time with TTA?

“I’ve been working now for over 30 years, and I can safely say that this is the only job where I look forward to coming in each day. The people who work for me and work round me are really a tight-knit team. When the going gets tough we all pull together. I’m given the remit to do what I feel needs doing, but if there’s ever a problem I get great support from the directors Rachael and David.”

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