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Behind The Scenes at TTA: A Day In The Life of Assessor/Trainer, Adrian Whitehad.

In the latest of our looks behind the scenes at Transport Training Academy, TTA is pleased to introduce you to Assessor/ Trainer, Adrian Whitehouse.

Adrian joined TTA as an Associate in 2013, after many years’ service in the army and the logistics industry.


Adrian became a permanent member of our training team in 2014. What does he get up to each day, and what gives him the greatest satisfaction? Well, there’s only one person who can answer that. Here’s what he had to say.

What sort of experience did you have in the Logistics Industry before joining TTA in 2013?

“I started to build up my logistics experience in my early years in the armed forces. I served for 9 and a half years in the Royal Artillery Corps. I enjoyed my time in the forces and learned a lot, but I reached a point where I felt I needed a change. I suppose I decided to change course when the nature of the army and the nature of the work started to change.”

How did you finish up at Transport Training Academy?

“After I left the army I went into the transport industry, doing a variety of different roles like multi-drops, a bit of HGV driving, some subcontracting work and a little bit of everything else. I then started work as a sub-contractor for Transport Training Academy, before joining TTA as an associate and latterly an assessor in 2014.”

What do you do in a typical day at Transport Training Academy?

“My role at Transport Training Academy is as both an assessor and a trainer. It’s difficult to describe a typical day, as each day is different, and that’s what makes the job so appealing. It’s my responsibility to bring through the new guys and girls into the logistics and driving industry. My role is to get the new recruits trained up as they should be trained up, so that they can go on to secure satisfying jobs.”

What training qualifications do you hold?

“I’m responsible for delivering the Warehousing and Storage QCF Level 2 course, and I’m also an ITSSAR Instructor/Examiner and currently hold around 15 separate licences. I have a Level 3 QCF Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, and I have successfully achieved my TAQA Award.”

Do you find your role at TTA fulfilling?

“I’ve found the role very enjoyable indeed. What I like most is that you can have a different role on different days, and there aren’t many jobs where you can say that. The variety is what makes the job so appealing and getting to meet lots of different people. It’s been a really good experience overall.”

What’s the most satisfying aspect of your role as trainer?

“I think it’s being able help students work through their learning journeys. I get to see them when they first start, and then get to see what they eventually manage to achieve through their hard work and endeavour.”

“You often find that when students first come along they’re very quiet and reserved; but by the time they finish their courses they’ve become much more confident and self-assured. They leave with qualifications and a sense of purpose. I get satisfaction from knowing that I’ve trained them as well as I could. Hopefully this training will give them the skills and foundations to then progress and go on to get a good job in the industry. It’s good for the students, great for the logistics industry and very satisfying for me.”

What do you do away from work?

“I suppose my biggest passion is my boxing. I know I’m 52, but I’m still as keen as ever. It’s something I took up in the army, and it’s something that’s stuck with me. The only problem I’ve got at the moment is that my body’s not been allowing me to box as much as I would like. I’ve currently got a cast on my arm, after shattering my wrist in seven places, and I’ve also got a knee injury, but hopefully after I’ve had the operation I can get back to some more serious training. When I’m not boxing I’m also a keen Salford City Reds and Manchester United fan.”

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