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FORS Associate Member, TTA, Backs CILT Partnership’s Plans To Roll Out The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Nationally.

Transport for London (TfL) has appointed CILT, AECOM and Fleet Source to manage, operate and grow the award-winning (FORS) fleet operators’ accreditation scheme.

CILT, AECOM and Fleet Source established the FORS Community Partnership (FCP) in February, and is now working to roll out the scheme nationally.

FORS was established by TfL in 2008 and is an accreditation scheme that delivers safety, environmental, and efficiency benefits for fleet operators by encouraging the adoption of best practice and industry standards. FORS is an extremely successful scheme, but as 65% of accredited operators are now based outside London it was accepted that it had grown beyond TfL’s remit. As a consequence, CILT is now looking to rolling out the scheme across the country and raising professional standards throughout the UK, and as an associate FORS member, TTA fully backs this ambitious plan.

FORS is an award-winning scheme which establishes a national benchmarking standard for fleet operators.

Its aim is to raise professional standards throughout the logistics industry. It currently boasts over 210,000 registered vehicles from 2,400 companies, and that membership is growing rapidly since the FCP establishment. FORS delivery operators demonstrate commitment to managing road risk, reducing environmental impact and improving operational efficiency, all of which improve overall fleet road safety and lessen the wider impacts of freight and fleet operations. Consequently, FORS-accredited operators are 76% less likely to be involved in licence or insurance offences, 64% less likely to be involved in most serious infringements (MSI) offences and 50% less likely to be involved in driver hours offences.

FCP took over the day-to-day running of FORS on 17th February 2015, with the requirement to make it a self-funding scheme. The uptake since the scheme became self-funded has been remarkable, with 100 new registrations, demonstrating both the popularity of FORS and the demand for a single accreditation standard nationwide. The cost of the FORS accreditation scheme is based on the company’s fleet size and number of operating centres, ensuring that it is accessible and affordable for small to medium enterprise fleet operations.

Anne Johnson, FORS Operations Director, said:

“We are thrilled to announce our 100th new registration since taking over the scheme last month. We are delighted with this early success and we look forward to reaching further milestones. Our aim is to fully establish FORS as the single national standard for the industry.”

“We are delighted to be leading FORS through this exciting period in its development. Our goal is to encourage, support and facilitate the geographical growth of FORS as the leading standard for fleet operators nationally, building on the success in London. From its strong foothold in the truck and van sectors, we aim to develop its diversity to other fleet sectors, to achieve ongoing improvements to road safety.”

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