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TTA Assessor/Instructor, Sharron Sudgen, Achieves PAA Status.

TTA is delighted to announce that Sharron Sugden, our principal work-based learning assessor, has achieved her Personal Advancement Advisor (PAA) status after successfully completing a course at Calderdale College.

PAA training is designed to help partners ensure that learners progress and undertake further training which potentially will lead to more secure employment and possible promotion.

Sharron joined the team at TTA in 2014 having spent over 20 years gaining invaluable experience in the logistics industry in a variety of roles, from Warehouse Supervision to Class One driving. Sharron works as both an instructor and assessor. Sharron can instruct on the various categories of vehicles, Driver CPC and Module 4. She is also our main work-based learning assessor and is developing and enhancing the skillsets of existing drivers in QCF’s (NVQ’s) in Driving Goods Vehicles. Sharon’s other major role is as our principal Apprenticeship Assessor.

TTA realised that Sharron was the perfect candidate to undertake Personal Advancement Adviser training as part of her Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as her natural nurturing personality made her ideally suited to the role.

But what did Sharron think of the PAA training?

Well, she found the training to be user-friendly and comprehensive. The training provided a wide range of information, advice and guidance which incorporated equality and diversity (E&D) and safeguarding advice and progression outputs for the learner. The training which Sharron received at Calderdale College will prove to be invaluable both in her role as the PAA and the Learners’ Experience co-ordinator within the Workplace Learning programme.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the PAA training, however, is that it helped Sharron in her role as Principal Apprenticeship Assessor at TTA. Sharron is currently developing and training young apprentices in a variety of Traffic Office, Warehouse and Storage, Driving Goods Vehicles and Logistics Operation roles.

Speaking about the PAA training experience at Calderdale College, Sharron said:

“[The PAA training module] aids both the learner and the PAA in not only the success of the programme, but the learning journey.”

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