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Logistics Employment Co-Ordination: A Day In The Life Of TTA’s Emily Tickle.

Have you ever wondered what a career in logistics employment coordination is like?

Do you know what a logistics employment coordinator does, or how they spend their days? Well, the person who is in the best position to answer those questions is Transport Training Academy’s, Emily Tickle.
Emily, or EMT, as she’s known to fellow workers, has been with TTA since 2012 and has revelled in the role since she was promoted to Logistics Employment Coordinator. Here she explains what the role entails and how her work fits into the overall process at the Transport Training Academy.

What’s your role At TTA?

“I’m a Logistics Employment Coordinator, and spend a lot of my time dealing with the pre-employment area of the business. In my role I not only support the Assessment Team, but give advice and guidance to individuals who are developed through our sector-specific employment training. So I go around to the Job Centres for meetings and interview the candidates they put through. Then it’s my job to book the candidates in on courses. We also run the courses at the Ashton premises.”

Where does your role fit in to the overall process at Transport Training Academy?

“I suppose it’s probably mostly centred on the business administration side of things. So I deal with the office and administration side of the business. I answer the phones, deal with the paperwork and do a bit of sales as well.”

What are the main responsibilities of your job?

“The main responsibility is dealing with the pre-employment courses in Ashton, and dealing with any issues that arise: issues like candidates not turning up for courses. It’s my job to contact these people and find out the reasons for absence and then try to get the issues resolved.”

Is there such a thing as a typical day in your job?

“Well, not really. Every day is different. On a ‘normal’ day the first thing I do when I arrive at work at the office in Atherton is sort through the emails and deal with any correspondence that needs immediate attention. Then I’ll update the Facebook account and make sure the office’s website is up to date.”

“Then I’ll sort through the interview sheets and sort out the schedules for the day. Then I’ll move onto the interviews and finalise the procedures. I’ll also be answering the phones and dealing with sales at the same time. It’s also my responsibility to book companies in for training courses. Now I come to think of it, it makes it sound like I don’t do much. But obviously that can’t be true as I always seem to be busy!”

You’ve been with TTA since 2012; what have you enjoyed most about your time there?

“I supposed the most enjoyable thing has been learning new things and developing new skills. That’s been the most satisfying part for me. I’ve also picked up lots of knowledge about the driving side of things, which, considering I knew absolutely nothing about trucks and FLT before I started, is surprising. I think the best thing has been that I’ve been able to better myself since I’ve been here and have developed as a person. I’ve gained new skills and now have much more confidence in myself and my abilities.”

“I’ve already completed my level 2 Business Administration qualification, and now I’ve started on my level 3. It’s also been enjoyable because it’s such a nice environment to work in. People are helpful and friendly and offer encouragement and support whenever you need it. Believe it or not when I first came here I was afraid of answering the phone, but now my self-confidence has really grown. That’s no longer an issue for me: now you can’t stop me talking as my work colleagues will tell you.”

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

“I suppose the best bit for me is helping people, particularly the unemployed. What I mean is helping them get into work, and helping them fulfil their potential. When some of the candidates come on courses they’re often very quiet and unconfident, but by the time they’ve completed the course you can see just how much their self-confidence has been boosted. That, for me, is very satisfying and it makes my job worthwhile.”

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