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From Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy To Commercial Sales Support: A Day In The Life Of TTA’s Kerrie Boulton.

Have you ever wanted to change careers?

Maybe you have a passion that your current job just can’t satisfy, or you just feel dissatisfied with the role you’re fulfilling?

It’s a scenario that faces many of us, but most of us are just too scared or worried to make the change.

That certainly cannot be said for Kerrie Boulton, TTA’s Commercial Sales Support team member. She wanted a new career that utilised her existing skills, but she also wanted to do something completely different. So Kerrie bravely made the change and joined Transport Training Academy, and her career has never looked back since. But what prompted the change from hairdresser/beauty therapist to logistics? Well, the person best placed to answer that is Kerrie herself. Here’s what she gets up to each day at TTA.

What’s your role in the company and what’s a typical day like for you?

“I work in the commercial sales department at TTA. In that role I do lots of jobs but most of my time is taken up with answering the phones, taking bookings for logistics courses, attending meetings and taking payments. It’s not easy to describe what a typical day is like, because each day is different, but I suppose I do carry out certain core tasks every day. When I come in each morning the first thing I do is set my computer up and check all my emails, then I check if there’s any outstanding work from the previous day that needs completing.”

“I’m responsible for answering the phone and taking bookings, so part of my role is sending out joining instructions for customers who are planning to attend one of our logistics courses. I also ring the customers and answer any queries that they may have and drop sales bags off to potential customers in the area. I also occasionally work with Suzanne, TTA’s Training and Compliance manager and assist the Armed Forces Resettlement team when they’re busy. I really enjoy doing this as you get to speak to all sorts of people: people who’ve had all sorts of different experiences.”

You originally came from a hairdressing and beauty therapy background, and now you work in commercial sales support in a logistics organisation: was there a reason for making such a profound career change?

“I just wanted to do something completely different. I suppose really I just fancied making a massive career change. I wanted to use the customer care skills I learned in hairdressing, but I also wanted to work in an office. I also wanted to learn about trucks, my boyfriend works for a logistics company. Now I realise it was a big step to go from hairdressing to logistics, but it’s a change I definitely have never regretted. I can’t honestly say that I had a fascination with trucks when I started, but the more I’ve learned about them since working here, the more interested I’ve become. I’ve really enjoyed learning about trucks and LGVs and it’s now a subject I’ve become passionate about. I suppose in many ways this helps in selling the sort of services TTA offers, because when you’re passionate about a subject you are able to get this passion across to customers.”

What do you like most about your job at TTA?

“Well, obviously I like working here, and get on well with everybody. I was made to feel welcome when I first arrived and quickly began to feel like part of the TTA family. It’s difficult to just pick on one aspect of my job as I find every aspect of my job satisfying, but if I had to pick just one role that I enjoy the most it’s probably going out selling HGV Licence upgrades. I suppose I’m a people person, so I enjoy going out and meeting new people. I’m comfortable in my role now and know what I’m talking about, so I find it rewarding to be able to pass that knowledge on to others.”

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