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Pre-employability Courses: 62% Of TTA Learners Move Directly Into Employment After Qualification.

TTA is passionate about the Logistics Industry.

We take great pride in developing individuals and training them to the very highest standards so that they can then go on to become valued employees. As part of our drive to improve training in the logistics sector we developed two sector-specific pre-employability courses in Warehouse and Storage and Driving Goods Vehicles. We’re delighted to say that these courses have proved to be a great success: so much so that Transport and Training Academy can proudly boast a 62% job-outcome.

That is to say, 62% of learners on our training courses have moved directly into employment after qualification.

From our point of view, that’s a tremendous achievement, but what matters more are the views of the people we’ve helped to train. This is a selection of what some of our pre-employment graduates had to say:

Duncan Mather: Level2 NVQ (QFC) in Driving Goods Vehicles.

“After attending the course at Transport Training Academy I secured a full time driving position with Ocado, driving a 3.5T van delivering household groceries. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”

Lee Jenkins: Level2 NVQ (QFC) in Warehousing and Storage.

“Two weeks after completing the course I was offered a full time job with Argos in Bolton. At the interview they were very interested in the content of the [training] course, which I’m certain was a key factor in my securing the role.”

“I can’t thank the Transport Training Academy enough for their patience and understanding as well as creating a friendly and positive atmosphere. [Trainers] Mike, Adrian and Lee were always happy to help and give advice. They made the course interesting and informative even for a novice like myself. The course has enabled me to find work after 3 years of unemployment, and given me new skills which will be valuable moving forward. Many thanks.”

H Burberry: Level2 NVQ (QFC) in Warehousing and Storage.

“Having completed the course and attained the necessary qualifications, I was employed within a week by Better Bathrooms.”

“I took the option of a Reach Licence [on top of the] Counter Balance and W & S courses. This really helped in finding a job as employers [increasingly] want ‘the full package – [that is] an employee who is multi-skilled and able to adapt. After working for just two months I have already been promoted.”

“A big thank you to all the staff for all the help and training they provided. I would recommend TTA to everyone, as on completion of the course, the only thing stopping you from getting a job is you.”

Lorna Cunningham: Level2 NVQ (QFC) in Driving Goods Vehicles.

“I was a chef for 25 years and was made redundant a year ago. I then decided I wanted a change. I got my C & E with the Territorial Army nearly 20 years ago but had not used it since, so I decided to put these skills to use. I applied for TTA’s Driver CPC training course through the Job Centre. After qualifying I got a job immediately with Ruttles. Thank you everyone at TTA for your help and professionalism.”

Sam Smith: Level2 NVQ (QFC) in Warehousing and Storage.

“After completing the Warehousing and Storage qualification I was offered a full time position with the Domiciliary and Care Service.”

“I would like to say thank you to the team at TTA – what a top bunch of people. With the help and support of Mike, Jon and Addie I was able to learn a lot in class and out on the fork lift. I now recommend what I consider to be the best course to all my mates. I would recommend TTA to anyone. If you have the drive and the determination to get back to work, then the staff at TTA can help you achieve your goals.”

Are you interested in getting back to work? Would you like to find success in the Logistics Industry just like Duncan, Lee, Lorna and Sam? If you would, then the TTA pre-employment courses in Warehouse and Storage and Driving Goods Vehicles could be just what you’re looking for. To be eligible, learners need to be unemployed and aged 19 or over on the 31 August of the current funding year. For further details please speak to your Employment Advisor who will arrange an interview with Transport Training Academy to start your learning journey to a new future.

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