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TTA Trainee, Gareth Fletcher Prepares For Life As A Warehouse And Storage Apprentice.

Transport Training Academy is already totally committed to helping young people fulfil their potential.

We’ve already been providing training for a new generation of highly-skilled logistics apprentices – training which we believe will keep the Logistics Industry functioning efficiently and effectively for many years to come. But we are always looking for new ways to help to develop our young people and give the skills and knowledge they’ll need to succeed in the big wide employment world. That’s why when we were given the opportunity to take on a young local lad called Gareth Fletcher under the new Traineeship Scheme, we jumped at the opportunity.

Trainee, Gareth, was referred to us by our partner, Alliance Learning. Bolton-based Alliance Learning is one of the largest independent apprenticeship training providers in the North West. It has over 40 years’ experience in the training industry helping young people develop, learn new skills and fulfil their potential.  Alliance Learning approached us and asked whether we’d be interested in taking on Gareth under a Traineeship – a sort of work placement or short lead-in course aimed at helping young people get work-ready for their full apprenticeship. Alliance asked TTA to give Gareth an overview of the Industry, and some experience in all aspects of the Logistics business prior to him taking up a warehouse and storage apprenticeship.

Naturally, we were delighted to take Gareth on, and we’re pleased to say he’s thrived whilst he’s been with us.

Although Gareth eventually wants to specialise in warehousing and storage, we felt it was important to give him an overview of the Logistics business as a whole during the 12 week traineeship. So we’ve given him a taster of the administration side of the business, as well as working with our candidates in the warehouse and we sent him out with our instructors in the Lorries.He’s even passed his fork lift truck driver qualification during his time with us. We feel that this experience will benefit Gareth in the longer term, and help him make a more informed choice when he finally takes up his apprenticeship.

Gareth undertakes his English, Maths and career development/employability training at Alliance Learning, but spends two days a week at TTA where our aim has been to develop his practical and functional skillset. He’s taken to the Logistics Industry like a duck to water, and has learned much in the short time he’s been here. But how has Gareth found the experience?

“I found the traineeship experience really good and very useful. It’s opened my eyes to other areas that I’d never previously considered. I’ve never worked in the administration side of things before, so I found that part very interesting. I learned new skills like fork lift truck driving and have been out on the Lorries, so I’ve seen all different parts of the business. I’m still keen to follow an apprenticeship in warehousing and storage, but the experience in other aspects of the business has given me an overview of what actually goes on in the Industry.”

We are now looking for an apprenticeship for Gareth for when his traineeship is completed.

We’d love to take him on here, but unfortunately we just haven’t got a vacancy at the moment. If there are any companies out there in the Bolton area who would be willing to take on a young and talented lad with drive and a determination to succeed in the warehouse and storage sector we’d love to hear from you.

For more information, contact TTA on 0845 056 0561.

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