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Logistics Apprenticeships: A Day In The Life Of Ms Bell.

Do you want a career in logistics?

Do you have the necessary qualities to be a traffic planner? Do you have what it takes to do this demanding job, and are you able to treat everyone with the respect they deserve? Well, this may indeed be the job for you. But before you commit yourself, why not listen to the person best placed to answer those questions: someone who’s already training to do the job and gaining valuable hands-on experience. The person we’re talking about is Vanessa Bell. Vanessa is a trainee traffic planner with Esprit Facilities Management. She’s is currently working towards her Level 2 Traffic Officer Apprenticeship with the Instructors at Transport Training Academy.

Vanessa Bell works for Trafford Park-based logistics and facilities management company, Esprit Facilities Management.

Under the watchful eye of the Senior Traffic Commissioner, Beverley Bell – no relation. Vanessa is learning on the job and coming to terms with what it takes to be responsible for coordinating the logistics operations for Blue Chip companies such as McPhersons, Cargill and AB Agri. Though we say it ourselves, Vanessa is doing rather well and taking to the role like a duck to water.

But that’s just our opinion: what about Vanessa’s? What does she think of her job?

“I love the job because it’s so varied. There’s something new to do or think about every day. In my experience I have found that every day is different. I have yet to find something I don’t like about my job.”

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to do a job like Vanessa’s? Before you answer that it might be an idea to give you some indication of what her work schedule is like each day, and what her responsibilities are. Here’s the schedule she drew up for Rachael Scanlin, TTA’s Commercial Business and Development Director:

  • Plan for next day’s work, and organise work schedule for 11 tanker drivers and 3 night drivers delivering ethanol, glucose, and caramel.
  • Give call-off notes to drivers for UK-wide deliveries.
  • Enter all relevant information on the logged computer systems.
  • Monitor driver tracking systems during delivery times.
  • Keep up ongoing communication with delivery drivers throughout the course of the working day.
  • Monitor daily driver activities, that is, fuel usage, speed and driving styles, and then enter these on the computerised systems on a weekly basis.
  • Speak to Cargill and other stakeholders daily to keep them informed of progress.
  • Calculate weekly wages.
  • Calculate CPC hours.
  • Calculate and monitor worker holiday entitlements and annual leave taken.
  • Keep a log of delivery times, and ensure that goods are delivered on time as specified.
  • Plan the work schedule for the next working day.
  • Monitor what each driver is up to, and plan what they are due to do next.
  • Calculate weekly wages on Mondays, and complete timesheets every Friday.
  • Keep abreast of the daily traffic flow and congestions areas, and notify the drivers of any problems they might be likely to encounter whilst on the road.

If you still think you’re cut out for this type of profession and would like to learn more, or are keen on building a future in other sectors of the logistics industry, then why not speak to the trainers at Transport Training Academy?

TTA offers bespoke professional training packages tailored around the specific needs and requirements of our corporate customers.

TTA are passionate about the logistic industry, and fully understands and appreciates why corporations need highly trained, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. Our professional development training can help to turn workers into valued employees, and give your organisation a positive return on investment.

Transport Training is able to offer individuals and companies access to fully or part-funded industry recognised QCFs (NVQ) and Apprenticeships in a variety of relevant areas for employees looking to gain extra qualifications and training within the sector whilst also formalising their skills and knowledge. Our logistics industry apprenticeships primarily aimed at individuals without formal qualifications already working within the sector; however, we also try to work to fulfil a company’s their employment needs by placing individuals who want to work within the industry and who are willing to develop and grow with the business in a variety of roles.

For more information about logistics apprenticeships or our extensive list of warehouse, storage and logistics training courses, call TTA’s expert training team on 0845 056 0561.

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