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Transport Training To Provide ‘Warehouse To Wheels’ Apprenticeships.

The logistics industry is one of the UK’s major employers. It provides 1 in 12 of all jobs, and employs 2.3 million people across 196,000 businesses.

Despite being a worthwhile, satisfying and sustainable industry, logistics has struggled to attract sufficient numbers of new talented and enthusiastic workers. Why should that concern us? Well, if we aren’t able to provide a new generation of dedicated and highly-trained employees, businesses will struggle to store, supply and move goods around the country, and get the right products to the right places at the right time. Transport Training Academy and (TTA) its partners are passionate about the logistics industry: we appreciate the difficulties the industry faces, and understand that we need to take action to protect the industry’s long-term viability. That’s why Transport Training Academy is committed to providing a new generation of highly-trained logistics apprentices to keep the industry functioning efficiently and effectively.

As part of our logistics apprenticeships programme TTA has been helping to train a number of new DGV apprentices for Matthew Kibble and ISM Waste.

We have also recently started to train new apprentices for transport firm, Martin Brower. Martin Brower is a respected logistics operator providing end-to-end supply chain management solutions to the quick service restaurant industry. Martin Brower shares TTA’s commitment to logistics apprenticeships by offering the right people the right training, so we were delighted when we were approached by the company to train a new generation of LGV Drivers through our Apprenticeship Programme for their dedicated distribution centre.

The new working partnership has been warmly welcomed by the trainers at Transport Training Academy. Rachael Scanlin, TTA’s Commercial Business and Development Director, explained why Martin Brower had chosen TTA in preference to other logistics training providers:

“Martin Brower is a highly respected name in the logistics industry and is the transport distribution provider for McDonalds across the globe, so obviously we are delighted to be working in partnership with them. Martin Brower and Transport Training Academy share a common ethos, and that’s a commitment to training and developing local talent to fill local jobs.”

“The LGV Apprenticeships that TTA will be delivering for Martin Brower are already employed in the warehouse: I suppose you could call it a kind of ‘warehouse to wheels’ programme. The professional logistics training should give these new employees a better overview of how the company works, and how the warehouse department interacts with the haulers who come to collect their goods. Martin Brower have signed up 5 to the scheme initially with a view to extending the programme in the near future.”

What can TTA offer your business? Well, TTA offer bespoke professional training packages tailored around the specific needs and requirements of our corporate customers. This type of training we are able to offer can help to turn workers into valued employees, and give your organisation a positive return on investment.

Transport Training can offer individuals and companies access to fully or part-funded industry recognised QCFs (NVQ) and Apprenticeships in a variety of relevant areas for employees looking to gain extra qualifications and training within the sector whilst also formalising their skills and knowledge. Our logistics industry apprenticeships are primarily aimed at individuals without formal qualifications already working within the sector; however, we also try to work to fulfil a company’s employment needs by placing individuals who want to work within the industry and who are willing to develop and grow with the business in a variety of roles.

For more information about DGV apprenticeships, logistics apprenticeships or our extensive list of warehouse, storage and logistics training courses, call TTA’s expert training team on 0845 056 0561.

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