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Resettlement Training: Make The Transition To Civvy Street Easier With TTA’s Help.

How do you settle down on Civvy Street after years of service in the armed forces?

How do you make the transition to civilian life and readjust to a life that must seem so strange and unfamiliar?

Well, TTA knows from experience that the transition can be difficult. After all, if you’ve spent years taking orders and obeying commands, making your own decisions and choosing your own path must come as quite a shock to the system. Fortunately TTA is here to help you. Our support staff have got over 15 years’ experience advising military personnel on their resettlement options after leaving active service. Our logistics training instructors include ex-military personnel, so they fully understand the difficulties and emotions you will be facing as you embark on this important transitional stage within your career.

TTA offers residential resettlement training courses in a broad portfolio of logistics areas like Warehouse, Driving and Management. We’re to help you embark on your new chosen career path. Our training centre has been designed specifically with you in mind to ensure that you receive the highest standard of training available. We’re here to help you achieve your employment goals, and can offer real-life work experience, through our network of commercial customers, to make sure that you get the necessary and appropriate experience. We also work in partnership with numerous national Blue Chip companies and reputable Recruitment Agencies giving you access to hundreds of live, regularly-updated vacancies throughout the UK.

Does TTA’s armed forces resettlement training work? Well, of course it does, but don’t just take our word for it. Here what one of recent graduates had to say:

“Following redundancy from the Army, I decided to pursue a career in the logistic industry and researched extensively to find a training provider. I chose Transport Training Academy for my Warehouse & Storage Qualification, which included Fork Lift Trucks both Counterbalance and Reach and Supervisory Experience as they could provide me with the bespoke training requirements I required.”

“The instructors and staff understood how difficult the transition to Civvy Street is, as many of their staff have done [it] themselves. On arrival I was made very welcome and was shown around the state of the art training establishment. The staff were very polite and helpful and catered for your individual need as they saw everyone’s need different. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge of the industry and were willing to answer any questions you asked. They made the lessons enjoyable and realistic whilst pointing you in the right direction for future employment.”

“I am moving into employment in the logistics industry and I will be recommending Transport Training Academy as a prime provider for any training required by other work colleagues. I would recommend Transport Training Academy to anyone who is looking for a career in the logistics industry and would like to thank them for all the help and support given to myself during my 5 week stay.”

If you’re coming to the end of your period of service or have recently left, then why not speak to the logistics trainers at TTA. You might even want to come along and see us, and talk to our students and members of the team. If you currently hold your provisional licence we’ll even offer you a free one hour LGV driving assessment. Leaving the armed services can be difficult and challenging, but with TTA’s help we can help you achieve your employment goals. For further information please call one of TTA’s resettlement advisers on 0845 056 0561.

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