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Girl Power: Jodie Joins The Lorry-Driving Elite.

Does life on the road at the wheel of a 40 tonne truck strike you as particularly female-friendly occupation?

The chances are the answer is probably not. However, you may just have to reassess any preconceptions you may have had if the experience of recent TTA graduate, Jodie Allen, is anything to go by.

Nineteen year old Jodie debunked the popular misconception that transport haulage is a male-dominated industry when she qualified as an LGV C-E certified truck driver. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Jodie passed the rigorous test at the age of just 19 and in the process became one of the youngest female lorry drivers in the UK, all thanks to the help of expert tuition from TTA.

To her credit Jodie certainly had the pedigree and aptitude to be successful in the field, coming from a family of lorry drivers. Having worked since leaving school in administration and credit control for her family’s ISM Waste Management Company, she’d watched her father, uncle and brother build careers in the industry and decided that she, too, wanted a slice of the action. She may only stand at 5ft 6in, but few could doubt her drive and determination:

“It is something I always wanted to do,” she said. “I didn’t think being a girl could stop me. None of my girlfriends drive lorries, and it’s a real talking point when people ask what I do for a living. But for me it’s something I love and have grown up around with the family business.”

However, building a new career in what has been a traditionally male-dominated industry is not an option for the faint-hearted. You need guts, grit and drive to succeed along with expert help and mentoring, particularly if you’re planning to bridge the gender divide. So to fulfil her career dream Jodie approached TTA, a respected training organisation known for its progressive and passionate advocacy of equality and parity in the logistics industry. TTA believes that gender should not be a bar to career progression in the logistics industry: what matters is ability. If you’re good enough and focused enough to forge a new career in the industry, then TTA will support you all the way.

jodieJodie proved to be not only good, but exceptional.

She trained under the watchful eyes of TTA Director, David Coupe and logistics training instructor, Kevin Hughes, and passed her LGV C and E in less than a year. Jodie’s focus certainly impressed the instructors at the Transport Training Academy. David Coupe said of Jodie:
“In my 18 years teaching LGV drivers, I have not taught any female LGV C-E drivers. Jodie picked it up so quickly; she gained both her C and E [accreditations] in less than a year. Jodie took only 28 hours of driving lessons to gain her LGV C-E which is exceptional. We knew after around 6 hours of instructing her that she could do it. As far as we know she is definitely one of the youngest, if not the youngest, to pass at this level. We are immensely proud to have helped her on her way.”

Jodie’s success story should positively encourage others who are looking to break into new industries. The logistics industry may have once been a male-orientated environment, but that is no longer the case. For the sustained long-term future of the logistics industry it is vital that both men and women are employed equally in the roles that are available. TTA’s role in this quest is to strive for parity and to positively promote the industry as a viable career option for females.

Changing careers or enhancing your current skills can be daunting.

We’ve seen this at first hand and fully understand the difficulties and challenges you are likely to face, but challenges are there to be overcome. TTA’s knowledgeable and experienced team will offer you all the support, advice and guidance you need to see you through each step of your learning journey. We will give you the experience and confidence you need to operate safely and efficiently in a real working environment. We helped Jodie achieve her goals, now we’d like to help you achieve yours.

TTA’s mission is to inspire, develop and train individuals to achieve their learning goals. Everybody benefits from this approach as it not only brings an improved professional and positive image to the industry; it also helps individuals conduct their roles safely, responsibly and efficiently. For further information about our extensive list of logistics training courses, call TTA’s expert training team on 0845 056 0561.

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